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  1. Very, very cool!
    I can’t scroll down, because there is no right hand scroll bar. Maybe it’s just me?

  2. I’ve got to initiate into this soon…
    BTW year round school has more pros than cons. We get the same number of days as regular schools. We start a few days earlier in August. We get out the end of June. We get off all of July and a week in August (and a wee bit in June). We get off a week for Christmas, a few extra days for Thanksgiving. We get off 3 weeks for Spring Break and 3 weeks for Fall Break. We go in trimesters instead of semesters. It’s good because the kids get real annoying and by that time there is a break on the horizon.
    What sucks is times like these, tho, where the other schools are out and the kids are real antsy. You can’t really get a summer job because you arn’t off as long. It sucks sometimes for families because they need to get extended babysitters during the long breaks if they are working parents.

  3. I almost freaked because when I clicked on two different links I have to your blog on my page it said that this blog had been deleted. I went, HUH? But now it seems to be working. I was just getting ready to email you to see what was up, but now it’s working. Weird huh? Now I just have to get caught up from the weekend. Silly storms have had our internet down. Hope you’re doing okay and I just wanted to check in and say hi. Missed ya!

  4. Weird, Sara! My email is down – I think the storms knocked out my school system’s server. Hopefully they’ll get it up and running today. I’m going through email withdrawals! I hope you’re doing okay, too!

  5. I feel very ganged up on! I may be fertile (well I used to be anyway-now I’m just dried up) but I still need to be loved…

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