The one where they say nice things about him and not just because they want blueberry pancakes and bacon for breakfast

Kyra (2 days shy of age 7)- I love Daddy because he took our family to Wild Adventures when it was his birthday. When I was sick, Daddy went to the store and got some medicine for me. Daddy built a big playground for us so we wouldn't have to play inside all day when were were five years old before we turned six in 2007.

Jaiden (2 days shy of age 7)- He takes care of us when we're sick. He's not in the Army anymore so he can take care of us. He bought us a big pool for our birthday.  I love Daddy because every other week he gets us McDonald's. And yesterday he got me a strawberry shake because he knows I think chocolate is gross! And he makes better oatmeal than you do.

Jordan (age 5)- He farted. (hysterical laughter from everyone ensues). Daddy farted in the hallway after he put Kaelyn in the bed and it was really funny.

Kaelyn (age 2.5): He makes. us. PANCAAAAKES! Uuuhh…Daddy's FRANK!
Me: Why do you love Daddy?
Kaelyn: 'cause. I bumped my chin. 'cause. Kaelyn huuurt. 'cause.
Kaelyn still cryyyyy. I was huuuurrrtin'. Daddy pick me uuuuuppp, and
he kiss it make it betteeerr. And he. put a BAND-AID on it! See right
here? It's my Band-aid. I GOT A BAND-AID! I WAS HURT! And then I take a baf wif bubbles. And Daddy put my pj's on.

Me: How tall is Daddy?

35 inches tall
Jaiden: 3 feet tall
Jordan: This tall. (raises arm above head)
Me: What is Daddy's favorite thing to do?
Jordan: Uuummm….build stuff.
Jaiden: Daddy's not an engineer!
Jordan: Well, he built that big playground out there.
Jaiden: Oh yeah…but he's still not an engineer.
Kyra: He likes to play basketball. Even he likes to play soccer, because when we played soccer he was the coach. One day after practice, he kicked the ball so hard that it went to the other side of the field.
Jaiden: He likes to play Splinter Cell on his Playstation.
Jordan: He gives us kisses, hugs, and nosers at bedtime.
Kyra: One time when we were waiting for Daddy to come tuck us in, he wasn't coming so we went to go look for him. He was hiding and he jumped out and scared us and chased us back to bed then tickled us.
Kaelyn: Daddy tickle me! It was fuuuunyyyyy!
Kyra: I put on my pretty butterfly dress and he took me to the Father and Daughter dance. It was so much fun!
Me: How much do you love Daddy?
Jordan: Ten hundred and eighty thousand four hundred and eighty.
Jaiden: Me too.
Me three.
Me three, too! Four, five, siiiiix, seven, eight, nine, TEN!
Is Daddy making pancakes for breakfast today, because if he's not I'd rather have Apple Jacks if you're gonna make oatmeal.


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  1. That was the sweetest conversation ever. I learned that those babies LUV their daddy like no ones business and that you make bad oatmeal.
    I shall file away that info about the oatmeal for when I come to help you with YOUR floors (Apple Jacks for everyone!)

  2. That was hilarious! I could read conversations like that every day. Too cute. I hope your husband enjoyed their responses as much as I did. ๐Ÿ™‚
    (here from NCLM)

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