Working, working, working

It’s like nesting, but not. Starting a new school year always strikes up an urge to Get Things Done so there is a home tabula rasa before life moves from slow and lazy back to HURRY UP AND WIPE THE TOOTHPASTE OFF YOUR CHIN BEFORE YOU MISS THE BUS!!! Whether in the classroom or at home, I’ve been working my royal arse off and I’ve made decent progress. Yesterday Frank and I got finished with the part of our To Do list that we hoped to, so today will be spent crossing out the other items in a mad flurry of laundry baskets, closets, and wiping down or mopping nearly every surface in this house. One of life’s greatest simple pleasures is sniffing cleaning products. Mr. Clean with Febreeze is the shiznit. Because I get to spray disinfectant like Dirty Harry shoots guns, I’d rather clean a bathroom than do a load of laundry. I’m weird like that.

Two days of not posting anything of substance has my brain reaching critical mass. There are things to be said about:

  • the observations I’ve read from the BlogHer attendees and the wide chasm between the two ends of the fertility spectrum
  • how I feel like I’m standing on the bridge between those two sides
  • my sister/TJ
  • my other sister
  • el Cinco and the internal conflict I feel writing about them more – start a second blog or no? I’m leaning towards no
  • Former IM, my last IM/the mother of Baby M, is having a biopsy this week for a vascular mass that was found in one of her breasts – pray if you’re the praying type, or cut a chicken’s head off and burn it over a scarlet candle at midnight if that’s your thing. Either way, some good thoughts in that direction would be appreciated
  • Quick update in the surrogacy department – Mia will have her sonohysterogram sometime later this week. Hopefully by this time the week after, I’ll know if I’m headed for a FET or fining new IPs.

Alas, there is no time yet to computerize those thoughts.

Today is the first day of IComLeavWe, so “howdy” if you’re stopping in from there. There should be something more illustrous posted for the first day of IComLeavWe, but since there isn’t, start on the right with “My Life in Two Posts” if you’ve never been here or if you’ve been here, but have no clue who el Cinco or who Mia are.

I’m off to Get Things Done.


18 thoughts on “Working, working, working”

  1. I love to do lists. Even if they stare at me in the face, mocking me for what I’m not getting done on the lists!
    Good for you for accomplishing so much of yours. Given the choice between laundry and cleaning a bathroom (both of which are torturous chores) I’d have to chose the laundry every time. Good for you for going the other way!

  2. I am also a hater of laundry, its not hte actual gathering, or sorting, or waching, or even switching from wacher to dryer, but the folding and putting away suck!!!! The folding being the lesser of the two evils, I do all laundry in my bedroom, so If at the time of taking from dryer I do not feel like folding, it sits on my bed so that I am forced to fold it (at least) before I can crawl into bed at night. But what normally happens is I will stack the folded laundry for everyone in my household in piles on the floor or sometimes they even make it into baskets, but they then get forgotten and never get put away! So we tend to live right out of the baskets, I really hate this but am too damn lazy to put everyones clothes away!! So, I have no one to blame but me, myself, and the infamous I!!!

  3. wishing stephanie and mia well.
    I also feel overwhelmed by things I am unable to put down in words. working on that… good luck with your list!

  4. Looks like you guys are busy busy!!! I am anal retentive with laundry…I hate it but every Thursday is laundry day. That way I have the weekend to myself. It only took me 10 years to stick to the plan :0)

  5. You can come clean our bathrooms and I’ll do the laundry, hands down.
    I’ll be thinking about Former IM and Mia this week.

  6. Do you accept long-distance trades? Cause I actually enjoy laundry, and, as fate would have it, despise bathroom cleaning. Works out ok, since I can still do laundry from the couch, but the crouching tiger of bathroom cleaning is well beyond me these days.

  7. Just wanted to say hello from ILCW and tell you, I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Frank’s recipes!! (When is the cookbook coming out??) The Tangerine Angel Food Cake, holy moly!!! Thanks so much and you always make me smile. Best to you and the family from SoCal.

  8. You are in such a unique position to offer perspective given your experience and the chasm that exists. Sigh. So looking forward to hearing your thoughts…

  9. I love all forms of cleaning, I am kinda like the dad from full house! Excited to read about all those things you have listed!
    here from ICLW!

  10. I’ll send some prayers over Former IM’s way, and keep my fingers crossed as well. (I quit cutting off chicken heads last fall – it was just getting to be too messy, you know? So I tried going back to the whole prayer thing.) Hope you got a ton of stuff done today that you wanted to, a clean house is one of the best feelings in the world. I’ve never tried the Mr Clean with Febreeze – but you have me intrigued! Sending some good luck to Mia too for later in the week ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Howdy howdy Moxie. Sorry I’ve been so quiet. I hope you get a lot done, that Former IM is ok, and that you manage to keep the toothpaste off your chin.

  12. Ugh! Laundry. That is a dirty word around here – ha, ha, ha! I don’t really mind the actual putting it in the washer and the dryer – it is the folding and putting away part that gets me! iclw

  13. A Soldier's Girl

    I so feel your pain! I am going to be teaching 3rd grade this year (something I’ve never done) and it seems like I’ve spent all of my waking moments getting prepared (or at least somewhat familiarized with the curriculum)…What is a summer break, anyway?
    Take care ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. I absolutly love the camera. Drop me line sometime we can always chat about it….well and other fun stuff :0) like that lemon cake your hubby was going to send me…..or was that just wishful thinking :0)

  15. Hi from iComLeavWe!
    Ugh Laundry! I one time googled, “Laundry Fairy” and someone had posted a great picture. I printed it off so now I see the picture as I walk into the laundry room. It is a great pick me up for the awful chore!

  16. See I wish I loved cleaning. I do not. I enjoy doing laundry. I am pretty happy to do dishes most the time. I can even get into cleaning a bathroom but I hate mopping, I hate dusting, and doing windows. Vacuuming is a toss sometimes yes and sometimes no.

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