Somewhere Over the Rainbow – Orange

by Mommy Lady ~ guest writer  (Moxie’s introduction to this series of guest posts is here)

Orange: intellectual ambition or stubbornness and the vision
of possibilities

Even as a child I felt you had an old spirit and soul. You were not the average from birth on. You didn’t cry a lot when you were a
baby. You said in your post that at the age
of 8 you realized the power of words; that was when it was apparent to you. But to
me, at the age of 4 you wanted to read and you fast became an avid reader. 

You have always seemed to just know things, to sense and feel
them.  In the “sense” and quest for knowledge
you marched to your own drummer. Some of
your teachers saw that and because they felt it was the best thing to do, they
had you in a group of one that further alienated you from your peers at that
time.  Even then, you did not conform to
what your peers wanted you to be; you saw the possibilities of who you were
and could become.  It was difficult and I
had to allow you to make the journey though I hurt to see you go through it.  That time in your life helped shape you.  It made you stronger, believe it or not, and it has
taught you many lessons.

You see the possibilities in giving the gift of live to
those that are trying so hard to do so. 
You are not limited in what you’ve been willing to put yourself through
because of “possibility”. 

You have gone above and beyond someone your age has.  Yes, I had to use the proverbial boot, and I know you compare what I did to you to what I don’t do to Chanel. But
consider this—I did it because I knew in my heart of hearts that you were
capable to go beyond where you thought you could when you gave conscience
thought to it.  You are two different
people.  I being the Great and Powerful
Mommy Lady knew you would not fail yourself. 
I knew that once you got that push, you would fly… and fly you did! 

You were rather stubborn at times and yes, I had to give
the “shortest distance between two lines” speech in order for you to talk to me about
what was going on, but once you accepted it and we acted on it, look at what you’ve
accomplished as a result.

You’ve earned not one, but two graduate degrees.  Yeah, yeah –  I often wondered about the lack of common sense you seemed to have at times. We would joke and say, “If
you only had a brain” when you had one of your “now I get it – French Class
moments!” over something everyone else saw immediately as a solution.

You have a stubborn streak that puts you into tenacious
overdrive when you have a goal and a belief in something, but you also know when
to say, “I cannot change this thing; therefore, I must accept it.” 

As I said before when you first graduated high school – “there was a
method to my madness.” I refused to allow you not to become who the gods and Powers That Be wanted you to become as I guided you
to adulthood.


The Wizard: They have one thing you haven’t got: a diploma. Therefore, by virtue of the
authority vested in me by the Universitartus Committiartum E Pluribus Unum, I
hereby confer upon you the honorary degree of ThD.
Scarecrow: ThD? 

The Wizard: That’s…
Doctor of Thinkology.

Scarecrow: The sum of the square roots of any two sides of
an isosceles triangle is equal to the square root of the remaining side.  Oh joy, rapture!  I’ve got a brain!

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  1. I want to hear more about the proverbial boot, and when the “shortest distance between two lines” speech was needed!
    thanks again kym’s mommy lady for sharing these beautiful words.

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