Drive-by updates

  • Last week I mentioned that my former intended mother (IM) – Former IM – found a lump in her breast and was having testing. She had a biopsy on Wednesday and got the results yesterday. The bad news – it’s a tumor and will have to be removed rather quickly because it is growing. The good news – it is not malignant. Thank God. 
  • Quick recap for the new ICLW readers here: I’m a gestational surrogate and had a very early miscarriage in June. The RE determined that my IM, Mia, actually can carry her own pregnancy, if they felt comfortable trying again. Mia and Urs (my intended father) decided that they would like to try again. The RE wanted her to have a sonohysterogram on herCD10 double-check her uterus. If she checked out fine, she would proceed with a FET in September and I would move on to finding new IPs. The trouble – her period was missing in action. The update – she finally started her period last week and her sono has been scheduled for Monday. Hopefully by Wednesday I’ll know which direction I’m headed in. Send good thoughts that Mia’s sono goes well. I think it will.
  • My summer is officially over next Friday. Boo. Hiss. My brain is rapidly working its way back into Cool Teacher mode. My classroom has been completely put back together and ready to go since last Saturday. Now I’ve moved on to unit planning and praying that I’m not cursed with a team of 100 boogers.

That’s all for now. I watched too many intelligence-sucking cartoons yesterday and now I feel empty-headed. I’m going to watch something educational. Like The Breakfast Club.

11 thoughts on “Drive-by updates”

  1. I hope everything turns out OK. Breakfast club is my husbands favorite old time movie. Have you seen the new commercial for JC Penny (I think or Target…my minds gone right about now)It’s hilarious.

  2. Thank you for the updates! Glad to have news of you, Former IMs and Mia. You sound so organzied having your classroom all ready to go. Enjoy your last week before you return. Ya gotta love Breakfast Club!

  3. Glad to read your updates.I’m glad that Mia’s tumor is not malignant. I’m sorry to hear that your summer is almost over. I love summer.

  4. Sending my best to your aunt for a quick and complete recovery. I will keep Mia and Urs in my prayers. You are the Totally Cool Teacher, here’s hoping you get good kids this school year.

  5. I love the Breakfast Club…
    In the UK we areonly a week into our summer holidays – still got 5 weeks to go, but I hope you get good kids when you go back to school!

  6. “and praying that I’m not cursed with a team of 100 boogers.”
    I misread that last word as “bloggers.” And was totally confused. Yeah, I’m an idiot.

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