Lunchtime chit-chat

Mrs. No Tact: SOOOOOO….when are you having that baby?

Me: Who, me? What baby? I’m not pregnant.

Mrs. No Tact: I thought you were pregnant!

Me: I wasn’t the last time I checked.

Mrs. No Tact: Are you sure?

Me: …

Mrs. No Tact: Hmm…well, when are you going to get pregnant? Are you still surroganting?

Me: I’m working on it. (wench)

14 thoughts on “Lunchtime chit-chat”

  1. Sorry about Mrs No Tact…that didn’t sound like a very fun conversation. Some people just don’t get it. ((hugs))

  2. Well, I thought I’d wait until you learned some tact, but then I realized that if I did that, I would never get to surrogant again.

  3. HAHA, Julia! I’m good for making snappy comebacks, but never at the moments when I really need them. And even if I did, I’m too quiet and shy (and TACTFUL) to let them rip.

  4. Yuck. I can’t stand people with no EQ. Doesn’t it just make you glad you’re not in that person’s family. Could you imagine the dinner table routine–or a weekend alone with her?

  5. Surroganting.. Love it. That’s just like when that lady at lunch insisted to us that her IUI’s that her doctor performed were actually IVI’s, and that she had to inject that “F something hormone thingy.”

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