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I can tell you about the plain facts and common challenges associated with traditional surrogacy, but as a GS, I could never fully encompass what it is like a TS. So, I have asked my buddy Jenn, a TSx3, to be a guest blogger and write a series of posts in which she will share with us objective facts and her personal experiences as a traditional surrogate. On SMO, she is known for her caring, witty personality (and she has a thing for LL Cool J, especially when he's dressed in a FedEx uniform. Don't tell her I told you that). Questions or comments for Jenn? Just leave them in the comments and she'll be around to respond.


Traditional Surrogacy from a Traditional Surrogate.

Hi!  My
name is Jenn. I am mom to five fabulous, funny, and amazing boys!  I
have been a TS three times – one time for a single gay man who now has a
beautiful 10 year old daughter, the second time was for a sweet married
couple and they have a sweet 2 year old daughter, and my third was for
a same sex couple; they got 'surprise' twins who will be 1 year

What can I say about traditional surrogacy…  Simply, it's amazing and miraculous. 

traditional surrogate is a woman (biological mom) who is inseminated
with the sperm of the intended family (biological dad). She carries the
child/ren and relinquishes her parental rights upon birth. 

Using a traditional surrogate takes a lot of
thought and consideration on both sides.  The intended parents need to
be fine with all the 'issues' that have brought them to surrogacy. 
Traditional surrogacy should not be used only to save money – that is a
formula for disaster.  And any woman who is considering traditional
surrogacy really has a lot of thinking, soul searching, and processing
to go through before she pursues her journey.  Traditional surrogacy is
not to be taken lightly.  There are more people to consider in
traditional surrogacy than just the carrier, the egg donor.  There are the
families of the intended parents and the families of the surrogate (her
parents, her siblings, her children, her support person and their

you are a traditional surrogate or a gestational surrogate, surrogacy
is not a simple business arrangement.  It is a life-long endeavor. 
Something that will last forever, even if its just in pictures and

3 thoughts on “Surrogacy 101 – Traditional Surrogacy Guest Blogger”

  1. Hi Jenn,
    Thanks for writing this and for answering questions.
    My question is about the relationship TS might have with the child/ren (both your own experience and more generally, if you know).

  2. HI Jenn,
    Love to hear from you again even if its over here. I wish your sibling journey was underway so we heard form you more on SMO. YOu are loved and appreciated over there by all of us. Can’t wait to hear more from you.
    Kajewell on SMO

  3. hi Jenn. thanks for sharing this introduction here. I am curious whether you have any contact with the children, through letters, pictures, calls, meetings, etc. I’m pursuing open adoption right now, so these are the kinds of things I think about…
    thanks again!

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