Only enough time for a quickie

I apologize for taking the "slam bam thank you, ma'am" approach to this post. It serves the purpose of a speedy afternoon roll in the sheets without the time commitment of cuddling. Or a nap.

  • We're putting 1-4 of el Cinco in Tae Kwon Do. If they're going to fight with each other, they should at least be able to do it with precision. Do your best, and all that.
  • I feel like I'm one step behind with everything and like I'm running just to stay caught up. Forget about getting ahead. 
  • Matching can be exhausting, but thankfully I'm feeling the type of exhaustion that comes from having an overload of things to be excited about. I still have one who I feel would be a definite match and two who I feel would be possible matches. The ball is in "Definite's" court; I am only waiting for their decision.
  • Did anyone catch "Project Runway" last night? When Whatsherface said about Whatshisface something to the effect of – "He needs to figure out if he has balls or a vajayjay. I ain't nobody's mama and he ain't hangin' from my titty…he needs to man up!" – I was sufficiently grossed out. I don't conisder myself prudish by any means (though my mom and sisters would beg to differ; they sometimes call me 'Charlotte' in re: Sex and the City), but the comment – in which she tackily worked in triple-whammy mention of private body parts – was enough to like, totally gag me out with a spoon. A silver spoon, coated in grody green Nyquil. It left a bad taste in my mouth. I don't care how good her clothes might be; she doesn't get the Fashion Week vote from me.
  • The Olympian Chinese female gymnists – age 16 or no?
  • Do you think Phelps can sweep the Gold in his last three events? Phenom.
  • All of Frank's documentation has been sent to the VA, and now we have nothing left to do but wait for their decision.
  • My classroom rocks. It has a cozy and inviting atmosphere.
  • If you could do any other career than the one you're doing now, what would it be? Would you ever seriously give thought to making a switch? Honestly – I'd like to hear your answers to this.
  • Someone thinks I'm brilliant. Egg Drop Post has given me the Brillante Weblog Award. Huzzah! As is the tradition, I'll pass it along to seven who I think are brilliant. Brilliant! Let's all get hopped up on Red Bull. 

It's lunchtime. Nothing like a good meal after a quickie.

10 thoughts on “Only enough time for a quickie”

  1. I watched Project Runway and could not for the life of me figure out what she said. Now that you’ve gotten the full quote. Well, it’s just strange. Almost funny by just how out of left field it seems for me. Do people really say things like that? I don’t care much for her clothes anyway, so I haven’t really paid her much attention.
    I don’t really know about the chinese gymnasts’ ages, but a friend of mine who is very into gymnastics has said that she thinks they are 16, it’s just that they have a very aggressive recruiting program where they recruit kids very young who look like they will develop that body type (small, slight, no hips, no breasts). And given that I’ve had people seriously underestimate my age (thinking I’m younger than 14 when I was 21 years old), I’m reluctant to play the age guessing game myself.
    I would be an astronaut. If there were any chance at all that it could happen I would change professions in a heartbeat. Unfortunately, I’m too old and don’t have the right background. I went to a talk by Sally Ride a couple of years ago and had the sudden realization that it would never happen for me.
    Good luck with the matching. I’m excited to hear your updates.

  2. No! Not sixteen. Not all of them. Not possible. They look eleven, maybe twelve and I can’t believe it’s just cultural.
    I’d go back and get a degree in psychology and become an attachment therapist and specialist. So many families struggling to reach their unattached or insecurely attached children. So many communities underserved and families end up with therapists who do not understand the issues and blame the parents in a round about way. Whew! I didn’t know I was getting up on my soapbox, sorry.

  3. I definatly don’t think they are 16.
    I think its great that you want them to fight with percision!
    REally want Phelps to do it – but damn!
    Clearly I have considered/am switching careers – even if I haven’t officially begun one yet – its hard to decide to leave your “planned” future for one that is a little more uncertain. But I am 100% certain I am making the right decision no matter how terrifying it is at this moment!

  4. Not 16. I mean, really, does anyone believe that?
    Yay Phelps! I just watched him get his 6th gold of the games.
    I think I could be a lawyer. Or perhaps a rock star.

  5. Classroom -need pics!!!!!
    Project Runway -didn’t see it but that quote is enough to keep me away, ewwwwwwww! Let me know when she is gone so I can safely watch the end.
    Phelps-I hope he can. If he doesn’t, I’m afraid their will be more hype about the lack of a sweep rather than everything he DID accomplish
    Tae Kwon Do- cool! I bet they love it!
    Matching/ the VA- You sure are getting lots of patience practice! I hope everything works out quickly.
    Don’t forget. . . . . . classroom pics! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Chinese gymnasts, I’m undecided about. Most gymnasts look young and underdeveloped. I think it is nuts that at the age of 3 they start training and only see their parents once a year. Now, that is messed up!
    I’m rooting for Phelps he is amazing!
    The kids are going to have so much fun in those classes!
    A different career…I would love to be a writer. When I was younger I used to write stories all the time.

  7. I like your reference to the quickie! Ahhh, this no sex since early April is KILLING me…even the word quickie gets me all hot and bothered. Oh the shame. Tell anyone and I will hunt you down – just kidding!

  8. Too busy catching up on blogs to catch up on my Tivo’d PR. Obviously need to do that.
    Chinese gymnasts? 16 my ass.
    Phelps is awesome.
    You know, I used to have a laundry list of other jobs I’d love to have: everything from yoga instructor to lawyer to journalist (actually my dream job is a talking head). Now? I’m at a loss. I really have no clue. Some days everything sounds interesting, other days absolutely nothing.

  9. So I just read something on CNN about the Olympic people (not sure who they are…) are making the coaches of the Chinese girls verify their ages, and apparently, it’s quite a big deal…
    Different career…I think I would like to be a doctor. Going back 10 years, I would have started to prepare for that type of career. Even though I’m still young now, I’m too old to pursue a medical degree, so I’m going for teaching ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Just catching up on blogs…and Project Runway? Gross. I can’t believe she said that. Her parents must be so proud…
    Glad to hear you are enjoying your classroom!

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