Heard on the radio…

on the way home from work today:

DJ: I'm taking your calls for Monday Madness. Who's got you bothered and why? Caller, you're up!

Caller: I'm mad at all these mens.

DJ: You're mad at men? Why?

Caller: Cuz. These mens need to get they act together. They got all these babies errwhere. My babies' daddy got fo' kids. I got the ends – the first and the last, and they don't even know the two in the middle by they daddy's two other baby mamas. They ain't never met they brother or sister! What would happen if they got older and started datin' or somethin' and they didn't even know they was datin' they brother or sister? That's why them mens need to get they acts together.

DJ: You mean pull their families together?

Caller: Dat's right! How else is kids supposed to know who they kin is?

Errrm. Hmm. I don't know whether to laugh or to cry.

7 thoughts on “Heard on the radio…”

  1. I’m voting for bitch slap the woman? Because um..she had his first and his last despite him impregnating TWO other women in between there??? I think I’m mad at them wimmins who need to get they act together!

  2. Makes no sense to me how some people with no sense can have all the kidz theys wants… What a fickle bitch infertility is.

  3. Oh wow…this is sad. I mean, you’re right-do you laugh at it or do you cry?
    On a sidenote (because I am so behind in my commenting), I loved the pictures of your classroom! What a fun and warm learning environment it is! I am going in on Wednesday to set mine up. Oh, the horror!

  4. I am laughing at the crazy women and crying for the poor chitlins she had. Why did she sleep with him again and have another baby with him?! Lets not cast stones when we are also at fought. You know what is F**ed up is that she can get pregnant easily and for me I have to pay thousands and just hope a baby comes from it. Sorry letting the anger out and missy where are you on Spark America? I know you did not eat the fixins on Friday!!!

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