A word to the wise…


If your teacher catches you eating in class, don't try to lie and say that you weren't eating anything. Especially if what you are eating is a bagful of Kool-Aid mixed with sugar. Maybe you didn't notice that your fingers, teeth, and lips have been stained the same cherrylicous red as Mr. Kool-Aid himself. So don't lie, because your Kool-Aid smile has told the truth.

Have you ever been busted doing something stupid in school? Do share.

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  1. I took a wine cooler to school to celebrate finishing midterms in 8th grade, a lot of us girls actually did and we all met in the restroom at a certain time to drink a toast, we thought we were so big and bad, lol Well, one of the girls got caught and turned me in as well, thinking I would rat someone else out and so on and so forth. Wrong she was the only rat of the bunch. I took my 3 day suspension and my ticket off the cheerleading squad and kept my mouth shut.
    Luckily my teachers all thoought highly of me and let me make up all my work, and since it was in junior high it did not go on my premanant record and I was allowed to be a cheerleader the next year in high school.
    Stupid to take alcohol to school, even stupider to do so in 8th friggin grade.

  2. That’s EXACTLY what it is, Cali. Have you never tried it before? You simply must. Not that I eat that stuff anymore, but in 6th grade it was all the rage. I actually haven’t seen any kids eat that for quite a long time, so I thought today’s Kool-Aid encounter was quite funny.

  3. PDA. I got detention in tenth grade. He was my very first boyfriend. SO embarrassing. I still cringe. No one wants to see that sloppy newbie kissing.

  4. passing notes, eating, smoking, cutting class, kissing, leaving school grounds, cheating (at typing — go figure)… but really, I was a good kid.

  5. Mmmmm Kool-Aid … I just discovered this faboulous invention of the modern age and can’t get rid of the addiction for it ! lol And now you are telling me that I can also mix it with sugar and just eat it !!! Let me go immediately to have a taste… I should have some left of the ones Chanel bought me.
    Moxie, thank your student for the smart suggestion ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Io, I know you can come up with some good ones. You seem like the type to have done some sneaky things, even if you didn’t get caught. ๐Ÿ™‚
    PDA, Anymommy? Oooo!!! At least it was just kissing. Over the years, I’ve had a few instances where kids have been caught in the act. The full act. In the bathroom. How romantic.
    Luna, how the heck do you cheat at typing??? ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. So funny– my partner was just talking about eating the homemade pixie stick stuff on the bus in grade school. I had never heard of it before this week.
    I mostly got caught reading in math class.

  8. Oh my G-d, finally a chance to get this off my chest. When I was in kindergarten, this girl Kelly convinced me that we should explore the whole building during recess. And a teacher stopped us at one point to ask us why we were in the 6th grade pod alone AND WE LIED AND WE’RE CAUGHT AND I STILL FEEL GUILTY ABOUT IT.
    Oh my G-d.
    I still think about that every time I pass my old elementary school.

  9. In high school I actually took a water bottle that I had mixed orange juice and vodka in! I drank it all but don’t remember it having much of an affect. Probably didn’t put that much in but my husband (boyfriend then) was pissed that I was pulling such a prank. Now that I look back on it, it was really a stupid thing to do.

  10. Well, I was homeschooled for all except my senior year, so I don’t have much to contribute here.
    But your post reminded me that my husband got suspended in middle school for selling koolaid/sugar mix at school. He was selling it in little baggy packets like it was drugs or something, LOL!

  11. Well, in fourth grade I was convinced to help put a ‘kick me’ sign on this boy in our class (I think my part was creating the actual sign). I’m not sure why I did it, but I got caught and the teacher told me that she was filing the sign away in case I ever did anything bad again. That year I never did.

  12. The Koolaid sounds gross! I don’t remember that from either my days attending school or teaching it!
    When I was in college, my roommate (who later became my surrogate!) and I had a pet turtle named Murray (why? I don’t know). We weren’t allowed to have pets in the dorms and apparently the RA found out we might have one. She came looking for a pet and we had put Murray in the closet. When she asked us if we had a pet and we denied it, Murray managed to push the closet door open and crawled out..right in front of all of us. I don’t think we really got in trouble, other than having to get rid of the turtle.
    Murray was set free in the mountains of West Virginia, where my roommate/surrogate’s family had some property. That was about 18 years ago and a few years ago my roommate/surrogate claims to have found Murray there in West Virginia and brought him back to her house. He is now her pet again at her home in Maryland.
    (I really can’t tell if it’s the same turtle….).

  13. Too funny!! That is hysterical.
    Believe it or not one of the elementary schools that I went to had a very strict dress code and we weren’t allowed to wear shorts to school. We were in the middle of a heat wave and I was OVER that rule. I told my mom that the school said it was okay for us to wear shorts. So I did. I probably wouldn’t have gotten caught either, except my mom CALLED THE SCHOOL! The principal pulled me out of class and lectured me about lying. Oh yeah, I was in 2nd grade!
    You know what, I’m not sorry. I was nice and comfy in my shorts that day!

  14. Oh my – kool aid…too funny! Well, I got busted for rolling up my skirt at the waist to make it shorter in junior high. I had to wear a plaid skirt uniform and my mom always bought me one too long since I was tall. So I kicked that bad boy up there to show some leg like the other girls. I told the teacher of course it wasn’t rolled – it just had a lumpy waist. Yeah – I’m a cruddy liar, and it didn’t get me any dates with boys anyways. Then again – probably a good thing…

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