A certain someone is out on maternity leave with the impending arrival of her monster-sized twins (Woohoo! Babies! Coming Soon! For one of us!), so I have been working triple-time teaching both her classes and mine;* imagine 45 eighth graders packed into a classroom the size of a thimble in which there are only 22 desks, so now maybe you can visualize me stepping over outstretched legs and bookbags and notebooks and perhaps you can also hear me talking about making predictions and drawing inferences while giving the evil eye to that kid over there in the corner who is chewing gum and passing notes instead of following along on her graphic organizer, and then there's that kid on the other side of the room who has drooled a big puddle of slobber all over the desk and I don't miss a beat in my lecture while moving over to him to wake him up with my non-verbal redirection prowess because I am a teacher who has mad-crazy withitness skills – I realize that I am jamming everything together with exceptionally long sentences and I have not yet made the use of even one period (did you notice the periods were missing?), which is not your typical writing format, but ho! – I have a point here, because today's lesson also touched on how authors sometimes use sentence fluency and conventions in unconventional manners to express a point; the point of which I am proving here is that I am so utterly busy going from one thing to the next that I barely have moment to breathe or even pause to put in a period where proper rules of grammar and punctuation dictate that I should usually need one (speaking of periods, where the hell is my period? I have not had one since the m/c in June – assvice is welcome here because the case of the missing periods could either be just normal backlash from a miscarriage or it could be my PCOS rearing up to screw with me again), but in the case of my other periods they are missing on purpose in effort for you to get a feel for how whoa!whatthefreakisgoingoneverythingisspinningspinningspinningfastfastFAST busy I am and that idiot who powerwalked by you so quickly in the halls that she couldn't even slow down enough to throw a polite " 'scuse me" over her shoulder after she bumped into you – that biatch was me and now here I am 'pologizing because I didn't have the time to be polite back then – I was running to make copies before everyone else beat me to the workroom and jammed the frickfrackin' copiers again and this is me also 'poligizing (now I don't even have time to put the A in apology) for not being able to comment like I usually do but I thank you thank you thank you each and every one of you who still come by to see what I'm blathering about over here so here's a little fly-by update for you – (1) period MIA (2) Mia – as in my former IM Mia – will be back in the States next Thursday and is having her FET on Friday and I will be there with her when she has her transfer and I can't wait to see her again and because Urs has to stay behind in Europe I will stay with her to help her during her bed rest can I tell you just excited and hopeful I am for them! (3) matching – there's a lot up in the air and I'm sure this weekend there will be a mental mind dump here on this blog so look forward to that, but suffice it for now to say that I am maybe close to a match, maybe…if I can not freak out so much about getting on a plane because planes = PANIC!!! I NEED XANAX and I now realize I sound like even more than a freak than this post has already made me sound (4) tomorrow is el Cinco's Back-to-School dance and we are going to burn off all this canned heat and get jiggy wit' it tomorrow afternoon in the elementary school cafeteria (5) Chanel has a great job lead and we have been working on her resume and she has been collecting her references and I am so proud of how she's been so enthused and confident and sure and tomorrow she submits her application packet so please send good thoughts that way (6) Satruday is my mommy's birthday and Monday is Chanel's birthday so it's like PAR-TAY at my house all weekend and you're all invited and to now finally bring all this all to a satisfying closure (which I also discussed today in class) I'm going to bring it around town and end where I began because I'm here at school and it's my planning period but now the bell is about to ring to end the school day (for the students, not me) and I have to go to a faculty meeting so here comes the "end where you began conclusion" – I totally expect** to be pregnant with twins for whoever my future intended parents turn out to be so Carrie dear, I will be returning the favor at some point (hopefully)

*To answer
Io's question below in the comments – yes, there is a long-term sub,
but on Monday night half her house was torched to a crisp – Seriously….so "babysitter" subs have been in place since then and since they know
jiggly squat about real teaching, I've been teaching Carrie's classes – Carrie
and I do EVERYTHING together at school and it's important that our
classes stay caught up and on the same page, so even with the long-term
sub in place, there are many days where it will be necessary for me
pull both classes together 'cuz can't nobody do it like I can or
like Carrie can, but she's out having babies so it's up to moi; Carrie – she
rocks like no other she did her student teaching internship under my
supervision when I was pregnant with Baby M and she was pregnant with her
first child Addyson; we were due about a month apart from each other and those poor students in our class had to deal with two hormonal
first-trimester crazies each and every day…now Carrie is my colleague
and good friend and together we are THE SHIZNIT as the ultimate
collaborative teaching team

**this is me trying to get my mojo back

. period

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  1. I truly hope you do get pregnant with twins so I can repay you. You know I hate sitting at home and would rather be at work (how sad is that) so I don’t have to rely on any one to help me.
    Plane rides? Need to fill me in on that.
    Good luck Chanel, you’ll do great!
    As far as your period, you need to call the doctor woman! I didn’t have one after my miscarriage unless they put me on some good ole progesterone.
    I expect to see pics of the kids getting jiggy with it at their dance.
    Happy birthday to your mommy dearest and Chanel…enjoy the long weekend!

  2. Whew! I’m breathless from reading about everything you have going on. I agree with Carrie, see your doctor. I had a hard time getting my period back after our miscarriage too. I’m excited to hear more about Chanel and possible matches. Happy Birthday to every one in Smartland!

  3. wow, so busy! I read that whole post like you were talking to me in this panic striken rushed voice! Wow where is your peroid? thats crazy long to go without one! have you asked your Dr?

  4. Phew! I’m exhausted just reading all that you have going on – and I can’t imagine how you feel! Best of luck on the possible matching – I’ll keep every last thing I have left crossed for you. And also – best of luck to Mia. Moxie that’s awesome that you’re going to be with her. You are an absolute sweetheart!

  5. Damn yo! Where are the long term subs?! That is nuts! Good luck handling the kids without tripping over them.
    Oh, I so hope that Mia has a wonderful transfer. Let her know that she has people all over thinking positive thoughts for her.

  6. OMG your post made me tired because I read it really really really fast due to the absent periods. So, yes, it had it’s intended effect!

  7. I did the same thing as everyone else! I read it like you were standing in front of me talking to me a million words a minute..hahaha. Good luck with your weekend and all the partyin’ Happy birthday to the birthday girls. Enjoy the dance!
    -D *ICLW*

  8. LOL! That was seriously some speed writing! I even felt like I needed to read it faster to keep up!

  9. You rock.
    Seriously, I feel the same way, like I barely have time to shower any more, and I’m dying for school to start thinking that I’m going to have these vast stretches of time to eat bons and nap and finally get around to applying a face mask, but really I’m going to be weeding and paying bills and running around like a chicken sans head trying to get everything selected for the kitchen and painting and . . . ugh.
    What I really need is a weekend to. myself. Away. Don’t you think?

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