"It's like, a little monster man…"

For the past few weeks, Frank and I have been watching old episodes of Scare Tactics on the Sci-Fi channel. I am stupid-happy that on September 30, they are bringing this show back with all new episodes. Last night when one of my favorite pranks was aired, I cried and damn near hyperventilated from laughter. Over and over I had Frank rewind the DVR and I laughed more hysterically with each replay. And then I had him hit record. And now I am watching it again. And again. And we are rolling around in the bed snorting with an incurable case of the hahas. Frank and I have now added yet another inside joke to our extensive repertoire of inner dialogue:

Frank: DUDE! What did you see?

HAHAHAHAHAHA! Isn't that ridonkulously funny!?!


Watch. This will be the best four minutes of your day.

7 thoughts on “"It's like, a little monster man…"”

  1. I never have seen that show – but Jason mentions it from time to time. I love seeing older shows that I haven’t seem from time to time. For some odd reason I was watching Facts of Life and Different Strokes last week rerun marathons. Weird, huh?

  2. OMG, I love that show and that one was HILARIOUS. Also, that first one this season where they had that lady give birth to the devil baby that said “Worship me!” Hahahahahaha!!!!!!!!

  3. Did he pee in his pants? After he left the room and was at the end of the hallway he looked down like he thought he had pissed himself. I’ve never heard of this show before – crazy!

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