Wouldn't it be great if…

…my students clapped their hands with glee and erupted into excited and thoughtful brainstorming chatter at the prospect of writing narratives?

…Kyra's Farty McPuff-Puff stories turned into the next series of books that elementary school kids just had to have and we could take the world by gastronomic irregularity humor storm?

…Frank's MS never got any worse and we didn't have to worry about such things as life-long injections, MRIs, synapse-dulled nervous systems, and potentially brain-eating medications?

…Jaiden's MIA front tooth finally decided to make an appearance? It's been almost a year, people. He keeps pounding the top of his head with his fist "to make it come down faster." He's funny like that.

…my sister got the job she applied for last week? It's employment within the school system as a Technical Support Specialist. In laymen's terms – computer geek. The start date is September 15, so the tech office should be calling for interviews sometime soon. I think I'm just as anxious as she is waiting to see if she'll be called.

…all three of Mia's blasts survive the thaw? If she gets pregnant? If there are no complications? If tomorrow is the start of her nightmare ending?

…if Frank and I don't get blown into smithereens tomorrow morning by driving directly into Hanna's path to be there with Mia for her transfer?

…that stack of papers would magically grade themselves?

…that the adorably-cute newlywed future intended fathers who I spoke to on the phone last night to answer the questions they had about traditional surrogacy found a TS who is every bit as warm and kind and loving as they are? (*winks* to C&E)

…if the stars will align and mountains will move and garden gnomes everywhere will awaken under the light of a full moon to sprinkle magic mushroom dust while dancing to mystical music only they can hear and chanting rhythmically keeping time, time, time in a sort of runic rhyme* all in effort to make one tiny little collaborative joint wish come true?

…if I was able to match with a certain well-loved blogger?

Wouldn't that be great?

*a special gift in the mail to the first person who can tell me the title and author of the poem.

13 thoughts on “Wouldn't it be great if…”

  1. I LOVE playing the “what if” game. I do it often, in my own little world! When I was a room mom, my teacher said his papers graded themselves. I told him “no, I do it”. So maybe if you have a fantastic room mom *like me* they will be graded on their own ;o) Have a FABULOUS day!

  2. It’s so hard for me to wish for anything any more. But I love reading about others’ wishes and hopes. Stay safe tomorrow, and I’ll be thinking about all of you.

  3. Hopefully the drive won’t be bad and I have all my fingers and toes crossed that Mia has a successful pregnancy.
    I’ll be grading papers anyways, if you want me to grade yours as well drop them off. Seriously!

  4. Sigh. So great. Now I’m all nervous and fluttery waiting to here that Mia is on her way to baby(s) and you are matched with someone I probably already route for in the blogosphere (route for happiness for I mean, if that sounded weird.) Ack! Post tomorrow!
    PS – Thanks for your awesome, sweet comment the other day. I’m way behind on my email, so I thought I’d say it here and email you later.

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