Closing time

There are always forces at work, gears turning and cranks shifting. Cause and effect, effect and cause, hows and whys – it is this continual flux of one thing after the other which strings the events of our lives together. Good or bad, things happen, and though we might want them, the reasons why aren't always ours to know. We can't always see how something in March begins unlocking something for September. People come together and find themselves linked in ways unexpected.

Mia's transfer went beautifully. She had four blasts, two of which survived the thaw and were transferred to her. She's somewhere over the Atlantic now, on her way back to Europe with her precious cargo and her dreams and her visualization that this event is the first link that will shift her chain of cause and effect for the better. There will always be the bond of friendship between us, but for our surrogacy journey together, there is closure.

And today, an opening.

I've matched.

We've talked for months about what we each wanted for our separate paths, not knowing that our paths were leading us to each other.

The answer was just under our noses. No, fingertips – it was just under our fingertips.

I have new intended parents.

And someone, one of us, has the possibility of a renewal.

This is our beginning.

25 thoughts on “Closing time”

  1. Squeeeeeee! Wowie I’m excited, and I don’t get excited often anymore! Hanging on a thread. Sounds like finding the one you love has been your best friend the entire time.
    And please keep us up to speed with Mia, if you wouldn’t mind.

  2. Congratulations Moxie! That is awesome, for you and for Mia. I wish you could tell us all about your new IP (or IPs) but I’ll settle for watching this new journey unfold.
    Wishing you all the best!

  3. I’m so happy and hopeful for Mia and can’t wait to follow you on this newest journey. Good luck and best wishes all around!
    This post reminded me of how I felt reading A Prayer for Owen Meany. There were all these seemingly random events over the course of the book, and suddenly in the last 50 pages they all became so relevant and perfect. The whole world was aligning for the climax – it’s just that no one could see it coming.

  4. Oh oh, my heart is bursting for Mia and Urs! Please let us know how it all turns out for them (if they don’t mind the sharing of course)… I’m pulling for them…
    AND new IP’s!!! Whoo whee!!! Can’t wait to hear about it but something tells me there is a history there 😉

  5. wonderful news for Mia.
    As for the matching- I got serious chills. SO SO exciting!! It feels like it is unfolding to be one of those “meant to be” situations. Oh please, Universe, let this be magic!

  6. How exciting for Mia! And, congratulations to you and your new IPs on finding each other. I hope you will enjoy a wonderful and safe journey that will bring them closer to achieving the family of their dreams.

  7. What an amazing, wonderful person you are – and I’m here the whole way for your journey and that of your incredibly brave, special IP’s….

  8. I love, love, love the first paragraph of this post. It just hit this spot in my heart, you know? Of course you do, you wrote it. But, yes, you just have to keep moving things forward the best you can because you just never know how that little March moment will explode in the future into something wonderful.
    I am so, so, happy for Mia and will be following your new journey with a fluttery, joyous heart. Congratulations.

  9. Moxie – congrats on being matched! I’m so happy to hear that Mia’s cycle went well too, I’ll keep my fingers crossed for her. I can’t wait to hear about your next steps in the process, but what a great beginning to a new journey for you and the couple you’re sharing it with.

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