Kyra: Here, Mommy – I wrote this totally great story for your blog!

Me: You want me to put this on my blog? You know lots of people read my blog, right?

Kyra: That's exactly the point! I wanna be a writer, right? So like, if I write something now and you put it on your blog, then like, tons and tons and TONS of people will read it. And I'm only seven. Do you know how many people will read your blog by the time turn to an adult and I'm ready to write my first real book? TONS and TONS and TONS of people! So! I will be famous before I even have my book published and a gazillion people will want to read my book because they already read my story from when I was seven. You simply must put this on your blog because this is my first official writing piece! It's a narrative, in case you didn't know.

Me: Oh, really? (testing her) What's a narrative?

Kyra: (in an unmistakable DUH! tone of voice) Don't you teach Language Arts? To the big kids? A narrative is a story! With characters and someone learns a lesson, and that lesson is called the theme

Me: (impressed) Ooookay.

Kyra: So post my narrative, okay, and then if people leave you messages, they're not for you because they're really leaving ME messages, so you have to let me read them, okay? It's like they're my fan club.

Me: Riiight.

And so, good readers, without further ado, here is Kyra's narrative. How I've typed it is exactly as she has written it.

The Ugly Boy

by Kyra

Once, upon a time there lived a boy who lives in South Carolina. His name was Jackson. He had friends. He used to be nice to his friends. Then he was mean to his friends. That is why they call him the ugly boy. Then he wasn't happy about it. Then he was really really angry! Now he went to there house and told them he was not there friend anymore. Then they said he was an ugly boy. Then he started crying. They tried to cheer him up but he still was crying. Then they felt bad about theirselfs. Then they said their sorry. Then they made him feel happy. They felt happy to! Then Jackson was nice to his friends and wasn't mean to them anymore. Then his friends came over to his house now.
The End

Lest you squelch the literary passion straight from her second grade fingers, please leave some comments for my child, or I'll call you all ugly boys and then you'll feel bad about yourselfs.

27 thoughts on “Storytime”

  1. First, Kyra you are smart beyond your years.
    I will be your fan waiting in line for your first book, and hopefully you won’t be too famous and will sign it for me.

  2. Fabulous story Kyra and terrific theme. I am so very impressed and look forward to your future books with much anticipation.

  3. A true masterpiece if I have ever read one. Please notify me upon the publishing of your first book. If you are this good now, your first published book is going to be one that no one will be able to put down! Very nicely done!

  4. That was excellent Kyra. If only more people thought like you and behaved like the boys in your story. I think you’ve got a bright future writing.

  5. Kyra! What a great story! I love that they all forgive each other and go back to being friends.
    I’ll definitely be looking for your first book release: Good luck!

  6. Kyra – what an amazing story!! Your writing is so good that I think you should have your mom post some more of your stories on her blog for the whole world to read!

  7. Kyra – Way to go! I loved your story. I hope your mom will let you be a guest blogger more often.
    Girl – Your child is adorable! I hope I get to have some precocious children like that some day soon! Big hugs and kisses to your aspiring writer.

  8. Like mother, like daughter. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m so proud of you, Kyra. Your narrative is AMAZING! When I teach kids in school, I actually teach a lesson (that my agency paid A LOT of money for) that is based on the same theme as your story. You’re very smart to understand that when we give “uncomfortable emotions” to others, we also give them to ourselves, but when we give “comfortable emotions” to others, everyone feels better. I can’t wait to see your first published book! I’ll be in line waiting, too! I love you! Aunt Becky

  9. Hi Kyra,
    I really liked your story. I live in the Netherlands (look it up if you don’t know where my country is). So now can say that people form the other site of the ocean have read a story you wrote!

  10. Hi Kyra,
    That was a great narrative. I probably shouldn’t admit to this, but I think you know more about writing than I do!
    You have a very promising future as a writer. I look forward to reading more of your work and buying your first book! Keep up the good work.

  11. Kyra – you sure you’re only 7? Cos that story – sorry narrative shows maturity beyond your years! Well done!
    Moxie – wow – you sure raise them good! ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. What a fabulous story! Continue to keep writing. I know my mom kept my stories from my childhood and I look back and treasure them, knowing where I started on my path in writing and journalism!

  13. Kyra – that was wonderful!!! I think I have many similar experiences like this from my childhood! You are a very talented girl, keep writting!

  14. BRAVO Kyra! What a wonderful narrative! I can’t wait for you book! I bet it’s going to be HUGE seller and you will be very very famous!
    I think your fan club should be called Kyra’s Katz & I wanna join!

  15. Kyra,
    Sorry my comment is so late. I was very busy at work the last few days and although I read your narrative and loved it, I did not have time to leave you a note. Hopefully you will get this one. Anyway, thank you so much for sharing your story. It’s excellent. I love the way you called the main character an ugly boy, I totally know what you mean by that. I think people who are mean are ugly, no matter what they look like on the outside, and on the flip side, I think nice people are beautiful, no matter what they look like on the outside.
    Thanks for sharing and keep writing!!

  16. Kyra, what a wonderful story! I hope that you continue to find enjoyment in your writing throughout the years! Keep up the good work!

  17. Kyra, that was a wonderful story and I look forward to reading many more. I feel privileged that you were willing to share, and proud to be part of your first fan club. Keep up the good work.

  18. Very clever of you to start building your fan base now. You won’t need to advertise or anything when you release your first book!

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