That which freaketh me out

  • The new election polls are wiggin' me the freak out.
  • Palin is freakin' me out even more. Seriously – the woman is creepy. Like pod people creepy. It would take just one hair pull for her to go from that bouffant pouf to a full-fledged cheerleader ponytail. I had a horrible nightmare where they flippin' won, McCain's crusty butt bit the dust, Prez Palin ramped up idiocy like Pray Away Gay and wiped out a woman's right to choose, up to and including limiting certain reproductive technology rights like embryo storage. She fisted her red, white, and blue pom-poms, donned her Team Barracuda uniform, and cheered that all infertiles who needed it should skip IVF, go back to the bedroom, and just "BE! AGGRESSIVE! B-E AGGRESSIVE! B-E-A-G-G-RRRRRRR-E-S-S-I-V-E!!!" Then we got into war and she's all "DE-FENSE! clap-clap DE-FENSE clap-clap" I seriously had that dream. Okay not really, but seriously – how far away would we be from that with her in office?
  • Link love – another reason why Palin skeeves me out – Children's Children. In this post, Amber from Between the Lines beautifully expresses how I feel but could not verbalize about Bristol's pregnancy. Amber's entry is a good read. Actually, her whole blog is. If her post a little patience doesn't tickle your tear ducts, I don't know what else will. Oh wait – yes I do. PALINPALINPALIN. I'm crying already.
  • Chanel has an interview for the computer geek job today. Fingers crossed.
  • Anyone catch True Blood Sunday night? Or last night? Loved it. Lafayette, the gay black short order cook, is my new favorite TV show character right behind Hiro of Heroes and Grover. Frank and I are running around the house saying, "A little cocoa? A little cocoa?" I think that if Frank was gay, he'd be like Lafayette. Frank mimics him almost too good. It's a little scary. But not like prom queen for president scary.
  • Late. me. for work. Bye.

19 thoughts on “That which freaketh me out”

  1. this is spot on!
    the new polls actually kept me from falling asleep last night.
    the fact that MOST of the members in my family are actually going to vote for these yahoos, well that keeps me up EVER night.
    they all said they would vote BO if we moved back to TX. and we considered it really we did. but a read state? i shudder. 😉
    Amber’s post was incredible too. wow. Thanks for passing on that link.

  2. lol on the Palin comment. Did you see the old pic of her floating around the net from her college days? She pretty much looked like that “way awesome” cheerleader you just want to bitch slap.

  3. Right with you on this entire list. I’m starting to come to the conclusion that at some point, perhaps not very far in the future, Rome will burn (hell, it’s burning now; it will crumble). I’m not sure what to do with that information, I’m just putting it out there.
    I got over to that post the other night somehow.
    I also loved True Blood and ditto, Lafayette is also my current fave (which I hope means he isn’t the first to go, because isn’t that always the case?). Save for him, I wish they had set this somewhere else (KS? rural VT?) because some of the actors’ accents are all over the damn place. Like the best friend.

  4. The dream has me both laughing and shuddering. I am completely freaked out by the latest polls. I seriously don’t think I could stand it if McCain wins. And if he won and then died?
    I’m giving myself an ulcer.

  5. If McCain/Palin win the election I seriously dont know what I will do. It feels, to me, that Obama is the ONLY viable option to run this country and I am terrified of living in a Republican nation for 4 more years.

  6. I am so with you on Palin. I was willing to give her a listen until she started making digs on community organizers. I changed the channel after that. I’m a community organizer of sorts…Race for the Cure Chair, on the board for our local music festival. (Nothing political but important to our community nonetheless.) I have real responsibilities trust me. They eat up most of my work day.

  7. Palin just worries me. SO SO many steps back for women.
    & I thought I was the only one watching True Blood. I love Alan Ball and watch anything he makes. It feels a bit forced with the characters- but I am looking forward to seeing how it unfolds.

  8. Scary is right! I am in absolute disbelief in the amount of people supporting both of them. I just can’t wrap my brain around it. It really is frightening.

  9. Thanks for linking to me, hon! I’m all a twitter.
    I too am having nightly nightmares about Palin and these polls aren’t helping. I’d like to think we have nothing to worry about, but then I think back to the election of ’04. If we couldn’t make the right choice *then* why should we start now? Scary scary stuff…

  10. I am absolutely with you on Palin. I wrote a rant a couple days ago about people referring to her “sexy librarian” look, which as a librarian, I find offensive on so many levels. And I am totally with Amber on feeling so uncomfortable and sad for Bristol with the announcement that the two will marry.
    We don’t get HBO, so I can’t watch True Blood, but the books that it’s based on are a huge guilty pleasure for me. I’m glad you enjoyed the show, I hope it sticks around long enough for us to netflix it.

  11. I’m with you on Palin.
    I missed True Blood, but the show is modeled after a book series that I really like. Sookie cracks me up and I recruited my friend to copy it for me since I don’t have HBO. I can’t wait to see if she ‘looks’ the way I pictured her as I read the books.

  12. Okay the part about the dream had me laughing out loud at work! That’s not easy to do since I’m normally such a tight ass! Thanks and you are so right on (it’s really not funny)!

  13. i’m sorry i haven’t been around…thanks for prompting me to come back.
    your words on palin – couldn’t have said it better myself. she scares the pants off of me. and given how old mccain is…well, you know, his pick actually counts just based on his age.
    i’m starting to get really worried about this election. REALLY worried. and i wasn’t before. and i live in obama country. and i’m still scared!

  14. I’ve been siting here since this afternoon reading your blog from the beginning to this post. I have to say I have fallen in love with you and your family in these few short hours. This post cemented it when you spoke of your contempt for Palin and Trueblood in the same posting. I’ll keep coming back to check on you and yours!

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