Baby Me old shizzle, different day: "Take this Provera for the next ten days, and if you don't have a full bleed within two weeks of the last pill, come back and we'll do an ultrasound to determine if you do, in fact, need a D&C."

I'm not really worried about it, and I don't think I'll need a D&C. I just come from the better safe than sorry/find out the full story ASAP camp. Either way, I have my Provera so I'm sure I'll have a period this month, and that's all that matters. I'll start BCPs with the coming period and then I'll be in good shape for the sonohysterogram I know Dr. Sleepy will want when we have the consult (no date yet).

The post below was a complete train wreck. I had been pecking here and there on it all day and was rushing to get it finished before I left for my appointment. I didn't proof it and thanks to writting in short, disjointed jags here and there, I ended up with spaces where they weren't necessary, places where there should have been spaces, some blatant punctuation errors, skipped words, and a couple of sentences that kinda didn't make good sense. Don't bother looking for the mistakes, because I fixed them. If you decide to go back and reread the post with your little red pen and say, "Oooo- she missed one!" – don't tell me, 'cuz I care not.

It's not like I'm an English teacher or anything.

9 thoughts on “SOS, DD”

  1. Um, Moxie? Sounds like pretty much every comment I put up, ever. Here Ill mek u feel bettuh
    Hope the uterus cooperates soon, and DAMN what an asshole CANCER! doc was. Yeesh.

  2. I didn’t notice any..I’m going with you had already fix it by then, not with I didn’t notice them because I’m definitely NOT an English teacher. “Cancer doc” is a dip s*@t. That was not very kind at all! Glad you got the answer you desired. Have a happy Tuesday!

  3. I’m hoping that your period kicks in soon, that D & C doesn’t enter you vocabulary this month, and that things keep moving right along for you.
    Ha! I barely notice my own typos until days later, let alone someone else’s. Nor would I even dream of looking for them. I blog for fun and for relaxation – not for proofreading, LOL! So don’t worry about having to be an english teacher here as well 🙂 Hope you’re having a great one 🙂

  4. Just read your previous post and ummmm….have you been reading my mind from the past You said, “Dude. Seriously. You can stare at that bitch all you want and it’s not going to make a line appear. Believe me, I’ve tried before.” So true, so true! But ick – what a crappy conversation for them to have with you and make you worry about until you heard the results. I swear – some doctors (and nurses) give the rest of the medical profession a bad name. But I’m so glad in the end things worked out that you were all clear 🙂

  5. Okay – one more comment…I’m really lame and keep thinking of something else. Sorry 🙂 Have you heard from Carrie? Did her section and birth of the twins go okay? I tried to check in to see how she’s doing, but didn’t see an update yet. I was just thinking of her.

  6. Ok Dr Dead Fish should be called Dr Dumbf*ck! Excuse the french but come on already!! Ass wipe!
    Hope your body works as it should after the provera… I so know how it feels to have a messed up PCOS body *sigh*

  7. Come on AF!!! I hope she arrives soon 🙂
    Your post wasn’t that bad, we all have our typing days, ha if it wasn’t for spell check my blog would be doomed!

  8. Haha…I never even noticed the errors and I’m the one who corrects the grammar on menus (BS in English).
    Dr. DeadFish is a dumb-ass: How insensitive and unprofessional!
    I hope aunt flo arrives soon for you.

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