I stole it again

My posts have been somewhat vapid and thin lately. There is plenty going on in this overworked brain right now; I just need to tumble some things around internally before I lay it all out for all to see. I think in the coming days, there will be a flurry of mind dumping.

In the meantime, here is an interesting little linky-doo that I swiped from Scarred Bellybutton:

Sarah Palin Baby Name Generator.

Sarah! Palin! Baby Name! Generator! If that isn't a run of nightmare-inducing words, I don't know what else is.

The generator says that if Palin was my mom (I shudder), she would have named me Hen Waffle Palin.

It's 'cause I'm Black, isn't it? Hen Waffle? As in chicken and waffles? Like Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles? Because we all know how much Black folks LOOOOVE chicken. And watermelon.*

I am in no way implying that Palin gives in to racist sterotypes. Not a bit. I was just hoping for something a little more powerful. Like Gunner. Gun her. I'm also not implying that someone should point the rifle at her, so let's just clear that up right now. But, she does like those guns, doesn't she? If you gave her a gun, then I guess technically you could say that you gunned her. Moose, be warned.

What's your Palin name?

*Chicken and watermelon really are my favorite foods, but that's totally not because I'm Black.

23 thoughts on “I stole it again”

  1. Rust Mustang here…heh
    & seriously- that you invoked the name of the sacred Roscoe’s makes me love you that much more. Best hangover cure I EVER had when I lived on the west coast…mmmmm

  2. Last night, we were talking about chicken and waffles because it was the first time I had heard of the combination (granted, I’m a vegetarian, so I probably know two chicken dishes total).
    My name is Rankle Hiway Palin.

  3. Steam Fang Palin! Awesome!
    Ummm…LOVE LOVE LOVE me some Roscoe’s!! Best Sweet Potato Pie ever. I think I may have to go this weekend…

  4. I saw this on K’s site too. My name would be Mullet Troll Palin. Super funny for two reasons…one is that I’m tall (5’10”) very un-trollish. Second – my husband and I usually joke about mullets about once or twice everyday since he grew up in this small farm town where a lot of people still have mullets, LOL! He’s never had one – but we joke all the time about them. You made me giggle about your waffle name and your chicken and waffle reference. Jason and I used to eat at this Chicken and Waffle place near of University of Detroit (where we both went to college) – and I have to admit I’m quite the chicken and waffle fan. Does that make me weird?

  5. Ohhhh, funnee!
    I got Claw Washout Palin, same as Trace did. Hmm, I was kind of hoping for Bering Strait Palin. Or maybe she’d spell it Bearing Straight Palin.

  6. But there is so little that is better than chicken and waffles!!!!
    Mine said Muzzle Mammoth Palin, obviously it is saying I am fat and loud!!

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