Three tres trois

Dearest Kaelyn,

you were a pain in the ass from the very beginning, and I mean that in the nicest way possible. Daddy and I tried for 2.5 years to get pregnant before we went to get help, but once we did, things worked out quickly. Apparently, all my ovaries needed was a swift kick in the umm…follicles to produce the two eggs that became your brother and sister. 50 mgs of Clomid on the second cycle was all it took to get them here. Jordan shocked the shit out of us and decided to make his way here on the first cycle of 50 mgs. But you? You had to be the difficult one. Three cycles, 150 mgs of Clomid, and a shot in the ass of hCG is what it took for you to make it through. You were one step shy of low-dose stims and IUI. Then you had us scared at the very beginning when you measured 4-5 days behind until around week 10, when you shot up to measuring consistently 4 days ahead. Kaelyn 4Then in week 15 I was scared half to death when I started bleeding heavily in the middle of the school day. I don't think I was imagining things when during the ultrasound in the ER, I saw you flip me the bird and then hide behind your hands, no doubt laughing at me. I should have known right then that you would be the one to push the boundaries of your limits. To this day, you still tiptoe the line to see how much you can get away with before you're in Big Trouble. You're sneaky – from the day you were born, you smile or giggle and we all melt and we forget how you were ever a pain in the ass. I could almost forget everything that came before the four of you.

Kyra, Jaiden, and Jordan thought you were pretty hot shit when you were born. It quickly became apparent that you had them wound almost as tightly around your finger as you did Daddy and me.

Kaelyn 7
Kaelyn & Jordan

Tomorrow you'll be three, and as much I as I would love to have you not run around smelling like a heap of hot trash once a day, I'm not all that upset that you still crap your pants you've stubbornly decided to continue using Pull-Ups, because that's the last thing that has you tethered to babyhood. You say you don't want to be a big girl, which is just fine by me because I don't know that I'm all that ready for you to not "officially" be a baby anymore. 

How quickly you've grown from this…
Kaelyn 2

to this…
Kaelyn pink 2
Kaelyn pink 1

to this…
Kaelyn 6

to this…
Kaelyn Easter 2006
Kaelyn treehouse

to this.
Kaelyn pool

I thought I was going to sit here and write about how much you've changed. I described your personality back in January when I started this blog. As I read that post, I realized that for the most part, you're the same Kaelyn you were back then, only your synapses have quite a few new connections (you can identify most letters of the alphabet and you know that if you were old enough, you'd vote for Barack Obama even though you pronounce his name Barack Yo' Mama) and you're a whole helluva lot louder (not entirely to my disbelief):

– aka the Youngest – in the throes of les Deux Terribles- singing,
twirling, bossy, flipping, bouncing, bubbly, cheeky, ball of toddler
fire. It is said that the youngest are often the loudest because they
must shout to be heard over everyone else. I believe this to be true,
because when Kaelyn yells, EVERYONE stops to listen, even if only to
laugh at this pint-sized package project with an attitude ten times her
size. She is bright and sassy and has already has the spunk that is at
the heart of strong women. Fiercely independent, she asks for help only
if she gets so frustrated that she is nearing nuclear meltdown. Until
then, if you even think to offer your assistance she will react by
switching to DEFCON 4, warning that if you offer it again (You assclown, do I look like I need your help?) she
WILL have a nuclear meltdown and will make your eardrums implode. She
is talkative, loves anything with music and dancing, and loves to grab
blankets or bathtowels, climb in your lap, and cuddle. She is a huggy
exclamation point incarnate.

You're the spunky ending punctuation to the statement Daddy and I started nine years ago. Don't grow up too fast, 'kay Pixie? Happy birthday, Babycakes. Your birthday is really tomorrow on the 30th, but y'know – close enough.


PS – Who the hell did you learn the phrase, "What the hell is that!?!" from?


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  1. Girl I cried reading this. You know you have a way with words and with me approaching the day of my youngest turning 5 you put everything into words for me! Luvs you to death!!!

  2. I am so in love with all your kids. They’ve got to be the cutest things I’ve ever met…er, I mean, read about. Happy birthday Miss Kaelyn!

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