Under construction

Big changes are afoot in the layout of SmartOneville. I have to move some things around to make space for the new BlogHer ads. I don't think I mind the parenting-geared ads vs. the IF ads, but I'd prefer for the headline links to posts written by other BlogHer members to be from the IF community. I have to find out if there's a way to adjust that. We shall see.

The changes will happen gradually through the week, so don't flip out if there's a now you see it, now you don't trend here for the next few days. I assure you that you have not lost your mind. I probably did move something and then move it back or move it somewhere else.

In the meantime, here's another drive-by update:

  • Chanel didn't get the job, unfortunately. I have confidence and faith that she'll be able to find something soon.
  • Today, Kyra and Jordan made the SPLASH Crew in their second and kindergarten classrooms respectively. SPLASH Crew is an acronym for Students Promoting Learning and something-or-other; basically, it's Student of the Week. They got to have lunch at a special table with the principal, and were all atwitter with how totally freakin' awesome cool it was. 
  • I have to be The Mean Teacher this year and I don't like it very much. I'm like a combination of Miss Gulch, Miss Hannigan, and the Terminator.
  • I'm a little too excited for the vice-presidential debate. I'm prepared to giggle my friggin' ass off. This morning when Kaelyn saw Palin on the news, she pointed and said, "I'm smarter than her." From the mouths of babes.
  • Over the weekend, Chance had a huge success on a major project that puts us one step closer to Project Happenstance, as we've grown to call it. We haven't made any additional headway with the insurance issue, though, so we're still working on getting that part figured out. 

It's after midnight. Today is already tomorrow and I haven't even been to sleep yet. Peace out.

5 thoughts on “Under construction”

  1. so excited for changes! & hurrah for blogher ads! I agree- I prefer having only IF blog links at the bottom of the ads.
    As for Chance’s great news- WOO HOOOO!!!

  2. Sorry about Chanel – and for having to be the terminator. Although maybe your could talk to your class in a Moxie like terminator voice and scare the crap out of them? Very cool about Kyra and Jordan though! Had to giggle over the Palin comment….I think that a lot of babies might be saying that right about now, lol 🙂

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