a charmed life?
Alicia – Pieces of Me

a little pregnant
A Walk in Our Shoes
Antigone Lost
Are You Listening?
Awful but Functioning
Baby Wanted: Apply Within
Between the Lines
Creating Motherhood
dead baby jokes
electric boogaloo
embracing happenstance
Gas Passer
Here Be Hippogriffs
I Thought Unicorns Were a Myth
I’m an Ova-Achiever
It’s Either Sadness or Euphoria
It’s Just Me
Learning to Breathe
Letting It Out
Life from Here: Musings from the Edge
Mama Wannabe
Mommy Wants Vodka
Musings of a Barren-ess
Scarred Bellybutton
Sell Crazy Someplace Else
Slade Rocks and a Few Pebbles
Stirrup Queens and Sperm Palace Jesters
Stoopid Monkey
Ten Times Crazier
The Egg Drop Post
The Fertile Infertile
The Lost Burp Clothe
The New Life of Nancy
The Young and the Infertile

The Impatient Patient
The Tragic Optimist
This IVFing Life!!!
Where’s Baby Bear?
Which Box?
Who Shot My Stork?

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  1. Hello All.. first time here… I am pleading to anyone out there. I have had 2 IVFs years ago, and now started my 3rd. After Using up almost all of my Gonal F – I don’t have enough follicles to continue. I am to start a New Cycle next month with a Micro flare Lupron. I have used up all monies available and NEED more Meds.. I got ONE MORE chance.. PLEASE!! if there is anyone out there with any Gonal F or Bravelle.. Please! I just want to try one more time… it’s going to work! Please! And Thank you!

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