Perfect Moment Mondays ~ Intelligence Quotient

Kyra: Mom, I kinda have a weird question to ask you.

Me: Okay – shoot.

Kyra: Well…is it true that the bigger your eyes and your, y'know … boobs are, that's the smarter you are?

Me: Where the heck did you hear something like that?

Kyra: I heard it on TV. This lady was talking to a guy and she said, "My Eye-Boob score is higher than yours, so you'll never be smarter than me." And I snapped my fingers like this and I thought to myself, "AHA! So THAT'S why Mommy is so smart." So Mom, is that true?

Me: (trying very hard not to shoot juice through my nose from laughing so hard) Well umm…I'm pretty sure what that woman said was IQ score. IQ means intelligence quotient. It's a measure of how smart you are. The higher the number, that's the smarter you are.

Kyra: (after a moment's thought and looking slightly deflated): Darn…because I already have the big eyes and I think I'm pretty smart already, so I thought that when I start growing to be a woman like you…then I'd be a GENIUS!

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9 thoughts on “Perfect Moment Mondays ~ Intelligence Quotient”

  1. You, dear Moxie, have just ruined my day. I have big boobs and always thought they were what made me so very clever. You ruined it for me. Sigh.

  2. Now I know why I “swing” between being completely brainless and genius! I have huge boobs, and not so big eyes. LOL!!
    Very cute! And by the way – thanks for your comment on my blog. I didn’t think of it as “You’re never too busy to show your family you love them” – and I think that’s a great perspective! Also – it would show them that they were born out of the love their parents share, and that their very being brings so much joy and love into the house.
    Yep – good perspective. Thanks for sharing it with me!

  3. LOL, that’s hilarious! Every time I get made that my shirts are too small, I’m going to remind myself that they’re a sign of intelligence. And you get smarter when you have babies, apparently. LOL.

  4. OMG!!! That is one for the books! You should star this to present to her several years down the line in here memory book!

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