Between the wish and the reality lies the waiting…

…and the wish and the waiting are of the heart.

Final waiting heart

How is it possible for one to feel full, yet somehow unfulfilled?

When my arms are wrapped tight in child-sized hugs, I can also feel the cradled curve of another's arms — empty, but heavy with waiting.

When my ears catch the melodious laughter of childplay, I can also hear the quiet echo of another's home, the re-purposed bedrooms waiting with closed doors.

When my eyes see the four realities of my dreams come true, I also see others with their dreams waiting to become tangible by hands and not just by the heart.

My wait is over. But with an open heart, still I wait.

There will always be a part of my heart that beats in tune with the hearts of others who are still waiting for their hearts to be fulfilled. Surrogacy is the waiting portion of my heart joined with the waiting hearts of my intended parents. Now, my waiting heart is linked with the waiting hearts of Chance and Apollo, and my heart yearns to be fulfilled by helping them traverse the distance between their wish and their reality.

We are waiting — with open hearts.

Last week I presented you with a question: for what do you wait? Are you waiting for peace within? For answers? A miracle? For everyone else to understand? For the long-awaited arrival? For an opportunity?

Chance and Apollo have created The Waiting Heart, a symbolic representation of all for which your heart is waiting. Made of solid sterling silver, the heart is hand-engraved by Chance with the word waiting along one side. It is placed on a Wear to Make Aware pomegranate satin cord, representing Infertility's Common Thread. All proceeds will go directly towards helping Chance and Apollo with the surrogacy journey, which we've dubbed Project Happenstance. Chance is also donating two or three of the waiting hearts to the UTERUS Etsy shop to help with the current fundraiser. More details on the exact cost of the hearts and where to place your order will follow within the next day.

What your heart waits for may or may not be related to infertility. There might be some other, but just as important hopes waiting for their day to grow. You might be waiting and abiding with someone. Whatever it is that you are waiting for, we hope that the distances between your wishes and your realities nestled so deeply within your hearts draws shorter with each passing day.

7 thoughts on “Between the wish and the reality lies the waiting…”

  1. Gah. I feel like I am waiting for everything. I’m waiting for Al to get a job so we can wait to try so we can have a two week wait so we can hopefully wait nine months. SO I can stop waiting and start living.
    And at some point I expect to wake up and realize that life is what is happening while I wait. And maybe figure out how to enjoy it more.
    I absolutely love this necklace. And I am so happy that Chase is sharing some with UTERUS. Because at least while I am waiting I am making it better by putting my efforts towards others.

  2. I’m so glad that I’m going to be able to do something to help you, Chance and Apollo on your journey. Can’t wait to see the details.
    On another note, I have bestowed you with an award. I think you’ll find it quite fitting coming from your #1 stalker…

  3. i have been waiting for our foster license…. I am still waiting… but the interview waits are over as of today!!!!! thansk for stopping by my page.

  4. I love the necklace and what it stands for…going to check it out right after this comment. 🙂
    What am I waiting for…I don’t know…is it for my babies to come out safe? Or perhaps it’s something greater than that…
    Btw, I so did not even realize the similarity in our first pregnancies!! Though I know your history well having read your blog for a long time now, it totally didn’t click till you pointed it out to me. 🙂

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