I'm stealing a note from Erin at Just Off Magazine and making a list of my current simple pleasures. She does this every so often on her own blog, and it always reminds me to stop an show some appreciation for all the little things that are, well, worth 'preciatin'.

  • the half-eaten lollipop that's currently stuck to my shirt from when Kaelyn fell asleep on me with it still in her hand.
  • the bowl of un-trick-or-treated candy
  • sweater weather
  • three-week countdown to Thanksgiving Break
  • fried tilapia with fresh lemon
  • a well-timed and welcome reminder of the tune of Goin' up the Country
  • voting for Obama/Biden (but not lovin' Friday's 2.5 hour wait in the sun. It was Africa hot out there.)
  • friends who call and email to pry me from the rock I've been hiding under
  • teaching The Tell-Tale Heart and watching the students squirm in their seats when the whackadoodie madman whacks of the old man's head and appendages.
  • the loads of comments and words of encouragement from my fellow bloggers. I 'preciate those big time, so thanks.
  • Sunday evening Scrabble
  • watching True Blood with Frank
  • Saturday shopping with Mommy Lady
  • The Bustin' Grumpy/Dropping Deuces Song

What are you lovin' today?

8 thoughts on “Lovin'”

  1. Yay voting! Even with a wait. I figure that my voting early was not for me but for the people who vote on Tuesday who might leave a line if it’s too long. I did my part to make their wait shorter because I was willing to wait on another day.
    (Go Obama-Biden!)
    I am taking pleasure in the fact that Al just told me *I* can eat the last orange oatmeal cookie. Mmmm.

  2. Ooooh…I love The Tell-Tale Heart.
    Hehehe…and my kids love The Bustin’ Grumpy/Dropping Deuces Song.
    Right now I am loving the fact that my 11 yr old is so excited about this election that he wants to stay up and watch the returns with us.

  3. YAY for friends and the half eaten lolly pop, how sweet is THAT?! *sorry to bring anyone down* but I appreciate the 31 years I had with my mom and am at a place that I can celebrate her birthday *today* with little to no tears. Glad you had a GREAT weekend!

  4. Yesterday I was loving the sun working in the garden – but today I’m suffering for it – got a sun burn on my back & shoulders and a headache to show for it 😉

  5. I hope you’ve had ample time to wallow in your funk. Get in it good. It helps sometimes. I also hope it passes soon enough and you get on with your lovin’

  6. I am loving that come tomorrow night I won’t have to watch any more campaign commercials. And I think, depending on how you count, today is the last day in the second tri for me.

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