Ice skates with knives

Some not-so-smart idiot got her dates mixed up and didn't pay $15 in time to purchase a ticket to accompany Kyra's Girl Scout troop to the Disney on Ice Show. I was feeling quite bummed about it Thursday night when her troop leader called to remind me that instead of the regular meeting on Friday night, we would drop the girls off at the meet-up location and she would drive them in her van to the civic center in Savannah. As in, an hour away, down the big, frantic highway where lunatic drivers are too busy text messaging and blathering away on cell phones to realize that they are this close to rear ending a Browniemobile.

I'm a freak like that and tend to think in worst case scenarios whenever my children are out and about without either me or Frank. My DEFCON level is set to a watchful, nervous orange until they are safely at home again. There's also a teensy ounce of me that feels preemptively homicidal, because woe be unto the unfortunate adult soul who lets something happen to my children while they are under his or her care.

Not to mention the fact that I would be missing out on Kyra's first experience seeing the ice capades. I have fond memories of seeing the Snorks on Ice when I was eight years old an in the third grade. Well, all except for the annoying itching I felt in the arch of my foot through the duration of the show. I woke up the next morning with the chicken pox and missed the next week and a half of school. Snorks on Ice = The Night Moxie Got the Chicken Pox. Digression….

On Friday I was in a mild state of edgy self-flagellation for forgetting to buy the ticket. I had to fully entrust the care of my child to someone else and miss one of Kyra's firsts. So needless to say, I was quite ecstatic when just as Frank was walking out the door to drop Kyra off, her troop leader called to say that one mother/daughter pair wasn't going to go because the daughter got sick (chicken pox?). Her ticket was mine if I wanted it. I snatched the keys from Frank and grabbed my Brownie by the hand, thankful for the small stroke of luck.

All was right with the world again. My only regret is that in my haste, I didn't think to grab the camera to capture the awed twinkle in Kyra's eyes when the characters took the ice. Still, I was there to see her wonderment for myself, and the image etched in my mind is far more vibrant than any that a picture could provide.

Plus, the nervous-wreck-psycho-pleads-insanity side of me could settle down and chillax. Kyra-Pie was under my watchful eye, so there was no major risk of me needing to go tribal; I totally will not hesitate to shankaho if my kid gets hurt.

8 thoughts on “Ice skates with knives”

  1. I am the same way about TBB being in the care of anyone other than me. MIL watched him when we went to the funeral and commented that I should have expressed some milk and she'd have watched TTG too. Not on your life!

  2. I have such fond memories of my own Disney on Ice experiences. And I always wondered (ok, still do) how the hell those few kids got picked to be part of the action. I want Cinderella to take *my* hand!

    Glad to see the ice capade magic hasn't died out. And that you didn't have to kill anyone.

    For real? I am cracking up over here. I don't think I've ever been to an ice show, but I'm glad you were able to go with Kyra.

  4. Glad y'all had a good time and that things worked out so that you could go!

    PS – You could always use an ice skate to shank someone. Convenient.

  5. I know that mamma bear feeling well. Primal. I'm SO glad you got to go and so sorry we don't get pictures. Probably better that you just enjoyed the time w/K though.

    I gushed about you on my blog today 😉

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