Drive-by updates

Occasionally I get so busy that I don't have time to write a coherent and flowing blog post but have a lot to say. What you end up with, Dear Reader, is a wham-bam-thank you, m'am update. Here we go:

  • Chance and Apollo will be here in SIX days! Freakin' out now, in a good way, of course. They'll make it to their rental in the Savannah area on Sunday and will likely make it out to my house to meet the crazies a week from today.
  • Tomorrow through Friday I will be out of the classroom on professional leave to attend a major national middle school conference/workshop in Savannah. Get busy, no students! Shake your booty, no students! One one hand, this is awesomeness. On the other, I'm afraid that my 8th grade hoodlums will burn down the classroom walls and start WWIII while I'm gone. 
  • I might have random blog posts and commenting through this week because I will be going ballistic with cleaning areas that haven't been touched in months like walls and windows. I will be reading along, though but forgive me if I don't comment as much in the coming days.
  • Chance and Apollo will be here in SIX days! Aaaaaah!
  • There is a small chance that we MIGHT NOT get to cycle, even though I'm supposed to start Lupron on Saturday. There was a hang up last week with Chance's CD3 b/w and she wasn't able to have her labs drawn until CD5. Dr. Sleepy said we could still cycle if her CD5 estrogen levels were still low. The trouble is is that her b/w results are all tied up in a bunch of unnecessary red tape hoopla, and we won't know for sure if we're cycling now until those results come in. Hopefully Chance will be able to get the results by the time she and Apollo leave home at the end of the week. Good vibes, fingers crossed, and all that jazz are welcome.
  • Did I mention that Chance and Apollo will be here in SIX days?
  • Though Kaelyn was running a low-grade fever on Wednesday, she didn't present with any other symptoms and after the first dose of Motrin, her fever didn't return. Kyra, Jaiden, and Jordan stayed home from school last Thursday and Friday. By Friday morning they were bouncing off the walls, but we kept them home because they had not been fever-free for 24 hours yet. Saturday and Sunday they were all without fever. "YES!" I thought, "We're healthy again!" Wrong. Kaelyn popped a high fever yesterday and went from the Big! Scary! Monster! to "I don't feel good and my head is sick so can you lay down wif me and watch Drake and Josh wif me?" Then Jordan woke up this morning with a return of his fever and a headache so bad that it brought him to tears. Needless to say, Frank is now somewhere between here and the pediatrician's office with Jordan and Kaelyn in tow. *sigh* I'd much rather have them running around wrecking shop than having them languid and sick like this. 
  • Frank has been experimenting with his big ass cookie recipe. Last week he mixed in a couple of bananas and added in a bit more flour and baking soda, then also some chocolate and vanilla chips. What he got was a sort of puffed-up, moist cookie-like banana bread. With coffee, hot chocolate, or tea, those bananacookiebreadwhateveryoucallits are absolutely divine.
  • Just this week and next week before Winter Break! Wheeee!!!
  • Thanks again to all of you who left a message for Christian either here or on his CaringBridge website. He hasn't had ANY reactions to his first IVIG treatment and people are already remarking on how much healthier he looks!
  • Question – when I switched over to TypePad's new commenting system, did you have to register? My homegirl Wishy-Wish has been having issues with commenting and wants to know if you HAVE to register to be able to post a comment. I didn't think you had to, but maybe you guys did and I just don't know it.

Later this evening – check back in for a post with pictures about yesterday's yearly trip to the tree farm.

10 thoughts on “Drive-by updates”

  1. Nope…didn’t have to register to comment. And, I really hope the kids feel better soon. Have fun at your conference and good luck with cycling.
    Did I cover it all? LOL

  2. Duuuuuude! Six days! Can you please give them both an extra hug from me? Cause I love them so and miss them more? Thanks! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Monkey is also playing hide the fever here, with a remarkably similar timeline. Hers, though, has not been too high, and I hope to be able to send her off to school tomorrow.
    Commenting– I can’t see them at all in firefox anymore, but they all show up in explorer. Could this be what is happening for Wishy too?
    SIX DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Damn– all of a sudden these take whole several minutes to appear, apparently. Ok, feel free to kill this pointless one and the one before too…

  4. Happy cycling! Hope all goes well for everyone.
    I hope el cinco feels better soon. Yay for Winter break (that I don’t get).
    And, YAY for Chance and Apollo arriving in 6 days!!!

  5. I didn’t used to have to have an account, but I found trying to comment on someone else’s site I had to so I signed up for the “account only” (no blog) just so I could keep commenting.
    Good luck in SIX days!!!

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