Just noticeable difference

In the midst of a few hundred superintendents, principals, curriculum coordinators, and teacher-leaders like myself, there is the rapid-fire exchange of ideas and inspiration. We hail from 16 different states, but we all speak the same educational jargon. We make tongue-in-cheek jokes about ADHD and difficult parents. We feel our minds and hearts refilling with the belief that we can reach all students. The flurry of conversation and interaction is almost non-stop and my mind busily races from one spark of insight to another.

And somewhere behind it all, barely above the differential threshold between subconscious and conscious thought, is the constant, pleading drone: Please, let this work.

Edited to add: I forgot to drop the most important update – we're a full GO for this cycle! I start Lupron on Saturday.

20 thoughts on “Just noticeable difference”

  1. I couldn’t believe how many times I sung the lyrics to the smiths “please, please, please, let me, let me, let me. Let me get what I want this time.”

  2. I got the email you sent me a couple of days ago about the commenting (which I thought I replied to), but if you’ve sent another since then, I didn’t get it.
    I personally went to the Typepad office and said, “Hey people – if Nancy and Wishy-Wish can’t comment, there’s going to be hell to pay when I go all sista-girl ghetto on you, so fix it. NOW!”

  3. I remember that feeling of my heart and mind filling up with the hope of being able to reach each and every child. THAT’S why they have those workshops, huh? I always thought it was to torture us.
    WOOOHOOO for cycling! I’m so excited for ALL of you!
    Enjoy your day and lots of HUGS!!!

  4. Moxie,
    Hooray! I am so excited for you and for Chance and Apollo! Though we are at totally different places in the process, I keep repeating the same thing to myself!

  5. There’s something about stepping out of the classroom and bumping heads with other educators that revitalizes and inspires!

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