The long-awaited update



Hahahaha, I'm so funny. Or not.

I have been quite busy, though. Thankfully, I am now officially on Winter Break. Thank you, God, for the birth of Christ, without whom (Whom?) teachers and students might not have never been given a politically-correct named two week-long holiday. Amen.

I still have a bit of running to do between now and tomorrow, but I promise to give a full, mushy update by Sunday evening.

Long story short – we love Chance and Apollo and they love us. Kaelyn has deemed Chance her new best friend. The boys think Apollo is quite groovy because he looks a lot like Jack Black. Chance is now on Lupron and starts stims on or around January 5. 23 follicles were seen resting from this cycle, so they're expecting a good antral follicle count and subsequent retrieval in January. Chance and Apollo are enjoying the balmy 80oF weather knowing that their hometown had 2+ feet of snow dumped on it with more to come. Tomorrow Chance, Apollo, and the family are going bowling. On Monday, the adults are going to spend the day walking around downtown Savannah. Good times. Seriously — these are good times and I keep wondering how we got so lucky. 

I hope it lasts.

More later.

13 thoughts on “The long-awaited update”

  1. I can’t wait to hear all about it.
    No more mentioning of snow…brr…I’m already cold.
    Forecast for my destination “brutally cold.” I will share some eskimo pictures with you in return for some warmer weather.

  2. It took me a minute to figure out that what you meant was “PSYCH!”. Anyway, glad things are going well and you are having such a great time.

  3. I was going for the grammatically-improper, hip-hop pop culture, forget-the-dictionary-and-spell-it-phonetically version of the word that was overused abundantly in early to mid- ’80’. The letter P is used (or not used) at will and without reason when it comes to fad words and phrases. It’s ignored altogether in “sike” (as opposed to “psych”) and an unnecessary “ph” changes “fat” to “phat”. There’s a HUGE difference between “You have a fat butt” and “You have a phat butt.” One might get a man a date. The other might get a man knocked out. 🙂

  4. i am so, SO happy to hear these updates…god knows i’d wait forever for chance…HAHA! just kidding!! seriously, though, i am SO NERVOUS AND EXCITED for you guys…i can’t take the suspense. i really can’t. i’m freaking out, actually…for us all. (or maybe i’m just a plain old freak!!!!)

  5. Duuuude… He totally does. I am so jealous I can hardly sit… I think my eyes are changing color as I type.
    So happy for all of you, and counting down the days to the exciting live action. 🙂
    Waiting for the mushy update.

  6. Oh yeah! Fun times are coming! I haven’t met the new additions to the family yet but I’m looking forward to it. I have an artistic friend… we plan on stealing them away for a little while and do some artsy touring etc.

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