ICLW Intro and drive-by update

I'm a Smart One 101 for ICLW'ers:
am Moxie – I blog about being a mom, wife, and teacher, but mostly about being a gestational surrogate.
Children? I have four, all conceived on Clomid. Add in my nephew who we're raising and you get el Cinco.
Love my husband Frank. We've been married for 12 years and together for 15. He cooks hella good food.
Waiting impatiently for the mid-January transfer for my friends and intended parents, Chance and Apollo.

If you're a newbie to the land of the Smart (Ass) One, tell me a few things about yourself in the comments and I'll be sure to make a visit to your blog today. I'm sure I'll make it to visit you at some point in time this week, anyway. I have no reason NOT to make Iron Commenter this week, seeing as I have a blessed two weeks off from work.

I have a few random posts clogging my mind that I didn't have the time to fling into cyberspace in the last couple of weeks. Those will be making their way out over the next few days, but in the meantime, here's a classic drive-by update:

  • PCOS is a bitch. Now THERE'S a revelation. Even regulated by BCPs, my stupid period still showed two days late, starting today when it should have started the day before yesterday. In the long run of things it's not a big deal and doesn't throw off our schedule in any way, but the frustration of my screwy cycles just had to be voiced. It would have been nice not to have spent the last couple of days half flipped out over the concern that my period would not start on its own. AGAIN. Thankfully, all is well now on the uterine front and hopefully this is the last period I will have to worry about for a very, very long time.
  •  Apollo and Chance paired with me and Frank make a kick-ass team playing Cranium. Last night we waxed the team comprised of my mom, sisters, and father. Like me, Apollo is a fountain of useless trivia. There was no hope for the other team.
  • Speaking of hope — I haz it. I'm actually starting to freak myself out a little. I don't have a problem with my head being in the clouds, but only if my feet stay on the ground. Firmly. But there's a certain lightness that I can't deny, like the gravity (grave-ity?) of the situation isn't working half as hard as it did in the last journey. Even if I didn't realize it then, in retrospect I can see that I practically trudged through the last journey, my fears and doubts dragging like a ball and chain behind me. This time, I find that I feel more attached to my hopes and dreams than to my fears and doubts. Pardon the incoming corn (there's just no way around it), but my hopes are like a kite, soaring high above any negativity. It's pulling me along, wanting to go higher, but I reel it in and keep it tethered with a stretch of realism and plain old infertility-honed skepticism. Ball and chain or kite? I'll take the kite for a high and doubling beta please, Alex.
  • Niobe and Antigone – so soon. 
  • Please pay a visit to Living, Loving, Giving and welcome her to blogland. She's a friend and colleague of mine who is embarking on a journey of her own as a gestational surrogate.

Today's Lupron headache has landed, so I'm going to soothe it with a Krispy Kreme and sleep it off. I'll be catching up on blog reading and commenting now that the rush has slowed down into an lazy pace.

16 thoughts on “ICLW Intro and drive-by update”

  1. Oh Moxieie, Moxieie, Moxieie, thanks for posting on my blog when I needed it most. You would never get a flogging from me. I have not posted here in a while, but I am following along and enjoying each and every Chance and Apollo update. Your enthusiasm is so contagious and I just know things are going to work out. They could not have picked a better surrogate. Happy, happy holidays, you beautiful woman!

  2. Hi! I know I’ve seemed absent, but I’ve been keeping up. I’m so glad you have such hope for your journey with Chance and Apollo. My hope is with all of you, too!
    P.S.- Holy crapballs! Why didn’t you warn me about the insanity that is newborn twins?

  3. Yay for hope. Have a wonderful holiday with el cinco and your new family members Chance and Apollo!
    Random fact about me – I eat my m&ms by color. Cannot mix colors. Ever. Must eat red first.

  4. Glad to hear that the doctor didn’t find any interesting striped linings this time around.
    I know that you all are just itching for the holiday to get here and be gone so you can focus on the next step.

  5. Nothing new on my end. Just wanted to stop by and see how things are going.
    Enjoy your time off. I will check back in during the break.

  6. This is MommyLady posting on Moxie’s account. Ya’ll only won by two questions! LOL… it was a great game though. Lots of laughs and love! Beginners luck! I want a rematch!

  7. I just found your blog from the Stirrup Queens and I’m not even sure what to say. I’m just amazed by your story and blubbering because you seem so compassionate and isn’t it just nice to find others who have floundered for a while? I barely dipped my toes in the waters of infertility (compared to some) but it can feel like a long time when your sister-in-law (23 and unmarried) gets pregnant (*surprise*!) and wants to rush the wedding because it would look so “bad” to be pregnant and unwed – all while you (33 and counting) are struggling (with husband of almost 8 years) to get knocked up.
    So glad to have found you. Take care of yourself!

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