Mia – updated

Positive beta this morning. 4633. I'm not sure how many days past transfer she is. We're texting back and forth. More details to come soon.

Thank you, God. I knew this would be what worked for them. Continued prayers for a continued pregnancy and the support this far is appreciated.

Update with the deets: I got fed up with text messaging and called her. She is 16dp5dt. From the quick searching I have done, it seems like her level is quite high for this point. She will likely not have a repeat beta drawn and will have her first ultrasound in about two weeks. She'll find out for sure when she hears from the clinic (located in California) this afternoon. She sounds so happy.

Mia is pregnant. Yes!

25 thoughts on “Mia – updated”

  1. I had to re-read this to make sure I wasn’t lost, cuz right, Chance is just starting stims, but yay for Mia! I’m glad it seems to be working out after what you two/three went through earlier.

  2. Oh my gosh – YAY! So exciting! And hopefully the first in a line of positive pee stick announcements on this site! Eek!

  3. How wonderful! Huge congrats to Mia and Urs, I hope you’re right and they did indeed both stick, and will continue to do so.

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