Sunday Cycling Update

Though there's a little less fluid, my lining is still a 6. Bitch. I'm now adding in 2 estrace twice per day in addition to the 4 Vivelle patches. I actually feel a bit relieved because I had the feeling that the Vivelle alone wasn't going to do it this time. The RE said to take both orally, but I'm thinking of shoving the evening pills up the primrose prodded path. I've seen other people's linings jump 4-5 mm in the space of days doing estrace that way. It can't hurt. At least I'll know it will get to where it's gotta go. I go in Friday for another date with the dildocam.

Chance's ovaries are perking up slowly but surely. Right now she has 4 measurable follicles on the left (all measuring 6-8) and has seven on the right (a couple of 6's, couple of 7's, some 8's and 9's and a 14 that I think might over-mature and be lost while the others catch up). She's to continue on 450 units Follistim and has her next u/s on Wednesday.

No one has given us projected dates but at this rate, I predict that she might trigger on Friday or Saturday, retrieve by Sunday, and we'll transfer Wednesday or Friday of next week. That's just my totally uneducated, talking out of my ass, gut instinct guess.

All in all, we left the clinic this morning feeling a lot calmer than we did when we arrived. It seems like our bodies are moving in sync with each other at a slow and steady pace. Now if we can only win the race….

I thank all of you for your words of support and your continued love and well-wishes. Some of you guys had me cracking up in the comments yesterday. Frank is still in the think-aloud process of his new recipe: Maybe I should do just mascarpone? No, I'll do a blend of the cream cheese and mascarpone. Maybe I should infuse a bit of a peach flavor to the glaze? Hmmm…. He's standing in the kitchen right now staring at the wall with a far away glaze in his eyes. You'd think he was catatonic if you didn't know any better. But no – his mind is baking up a sugary banquet of deliciousness. He's planning to bake on Thursday night. I'll have pics and a recipe to share. I wish I could send you all cupcakes.

Gotta run. I just realized that it's quiet in here. In a house of five children, long periods of silence is never a good thing. My radar is beeping….

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  1. WHEW…i’m relieved. it sounds good to me, slow but sure. i really can’t stand the clinics who overdo everything like maniacs. and SHIT! i didn’t realize we’re going to be this close this cycle…i go to retrieval during the week next week…so depending on whether you’re an early pee-er-on-sticks, we could be finding out pretty damn close together. this is freaking me out!!

  2. standing on the sidelines cheering you both on…i’ve even pulled out my old cheerleading uniform. don’t worry i will not be sending pictures.
    come on lining time to get “juicEEEEE” sorry kym. could not stop myself.
    come on follies grow grow grooooow!

  3. I did realize that with our dates being pushed back a bit, that put us right in line with you. I haven’t yet decided about whether I’ll test super-early or not. I have a bagful of 30 medical-grade tests and I keep looking at them debating. Chance has left it all in my hands, so we shall see! Going nucking futs is always more fun when there’s company.

  4. It’s so funny because as I’m reading this..I can’t help but feel the butterflies that I felt during my own IVF cycle. I don’t think any other time other than when it was my own have I wanted it to work so badly. I just wish I had that darn pesky magic wand to wave and make sure it was nothing but a perfect cycle, you know? Well….or at least the chance to bring you a yummy froo froo drink while we all sit and wait together. Too bad you’re probably not much up for drinking these days. I’d make you a good one! ((hugs))

  5. still a 6? i know it’s not what you expected, but I’m optimistic that the additional meds will help it plump up some more.
    I love that you two are moving in synch with each other. Sending as much energy as I can your way for a fruitful retrieval and transfer!

  6. Ok, I don’t know shit about these sorts of things but it would seem to me that having stellar reports individually TODAY is less important than *being in synch* — no matter where on the scale you both happen to be. And it sounds as though you’re both creeping towards ready at about the same pace.
    I’m just in awe of you both.

  7. Ooooh…tell Frank the peach infused glaze sounds yummy…and that if you ever kick him out he can come live here and bake for me…ROFL.
    I am so glad you and Chance are slowly but surely moving in the right direction.

  8. Sounds like you two are doing just fine – try (and I say try cos hey, surro IVF in process here!) stay as calm as possible…
    Sending follie vibes to Chance and endo lining vibes to you!
    Hang in there dear hearts – you’re doing great! And those delicious cupcakes can’t hurt the cause – so hurry up Frank!!!

  9. I want cupcakes now. damn you, Frank!!!
    My lining started getting all kinds of awesome once I put the estrace in my hoo ha. It also made for a very smurf like pap test. heh.
    SO SO glad that you guys are getting close to actual dates!! woo!!

  10. I’m rooting for you! Good luck with the follies/lining. I can’t wait to read about good results for the two of you.

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