sigh – updated

From 11 measurable follicles on Sunday to 6 today, ranging in size from 6-14. This is day 9 of stims.

Waiting to hear from the RE.


I've said it before and I'll say it again: our local monitoring RE — Dr. Deadfish — is a dipwad. This morning he was all doom and gloom: It might be canceled; you likely not get any more than this, blahblahblah…

So the three of us had a freakout fest until we heard from our beloved Dr. Sleepy. He is encouraged by Chance's estrogen levels and believes that she'll have 7-10 follicles at retrieval. Sure – we would have liked to have had a better response, but we're clearly not in the toilet waiting to be flushed, either.

Chance will continue with 450 units of Follistim and we'll both have our next appointments on Friday morning. Hopefully by then there will be the talk of triggering instead of flushing.

Cupcakes tonight.

24 thoughts on “sigh – updated”

  1. I’m so glad that there was a reprieve from the toilet flushing! LOL Enjoy your well deserved cupcakes!

  2. I don’t know what all of that means, but I will most certainly take your word that things could be better.
    Please continue to keep us updated.

  3. Enjoy the cupcakes – that being said 7 – 10 is still good… Like K77 says – quality over quantity is surely better??
    I have a good feeling about this still!! It all came together way too well not to be a go!!!

  4. You tell Chance not to worry (yeah, I know easier said than done) – I was a fellow 450 units a day girl and it took my stubborn ovaries a long time to grow some good follicles!! My retrieval for the IVF round for our surrogacy wasn’t until 14 days after my stims started) – and on Day 8 of stims I only had 8 ranging from 6-11 in size. But it worked and we’re having twin boys now!! So you tell her not to worry too much because some of us gals just have ovaries that are slow to catch on!!

  5. oh fuck this shit.
    thank god for cupcakes.
    i am concentrating VERRRY HARD on c’s ovaries.
    i mean it.
    (no word on *juicy* lining, so i assume good??)

  6. is chance a low responder? i was, and i got 8 eggs from my successful IVF cycle…and i was on the same dosage as her, and the day of trigger my 8 follies ranged in size from 12-18 after 10-11 days of stims. my own experience was along the same lines as dr. sleepy’s prognosis. in fact, her response sounds a LOT like my own cycle. it DOES happen, and my fingers are crossed tightly for you and chance!!!
    sorry, didn’t mean to make this all about me, but i wanted you and chance to know that i think this sounds pretty darn good (coming from a woman with 1 cancelled IVF cycle and 1 cycle with 3 eggs retrieved before this successful cycle!).

  7. Juniorette, I replied on your blog but I wanted to also tell you here thanks for your words. They’re certainly encouraging!

  8. I didn’t realize that your stimming was similar to Chance’s! I’m hoping that we get similar results, right down to the twins! ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for your encouragement!

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