This post brought to you by happy happy joy joy and all that stuff

rainbow unicorn

Chance demanded, I tell you, she DEMANDED that I deliver today’s news with fluffy bunnies and rainbows and butterflies and the like. Tash mentioned something about rainbow-farting unicorns, so umm….yeah. Here we go. With like, sprinkles and stuff.


Hi! I’m Reproducina the Rainbow-Farting Unicorn! My flatulent emissions smell like Skittles and are delivered with a puffy cloud of lucky glitter! This is my sidekick Fertie the Fuzzy Fertili-Bunny! *squeaky giggles* We’re here to make the splendiferous announcemnt that our friend Apollo has injected 10,000 units of human chorionic gonadotropin into our lovely Chance’s derrier tonight at approxinately ten o’clock! Happy Trigger Day! *wheee!!!*

We’re absoposolutely SURE that Tuesday morning’s retrieval will be the! Best! EVER! Chance has somewhere around 15-16 mature follicles, so we’re sending all of our magic fertilenergy to the waiting petri dishes for a super-duper culture of super-duper blastocysts! *twinkle*

Transfer will be either Friday or Sunday into Moxie’s plushy paradise lining! Yippppeeee!

So, gals – muster up every ounce of rainbow-sprinkled positivilicious love and send it to Moxie and Chance! If you’ve been a lurker, now would be a spiffy time to pop in and give a cheerful hello and good luck to the Terrific Twosome! They need all the fluffy joy joy and well-wishes that they can get! Here’s our goodnight message to everyone: Photobucket




I totally think I just threw up a little in my subfertile mouth. Seriously, though – any and all postive thoughts are welcome. We both thank you greatly for the love and humor you’ve given us thus far.

49 thoughts on “This post brought to you by happy happy joy joy and all that stuff”

  1. Bwahahaha…rainbow farting unicorns. Ya know Moxie…its a good thing this post came from you. If something this sickly sweet had come form a fertile Myrtle, I might have become homicidal.
    Wishing y’all the best of luck. If the weather weren’t so damned cold, I’d volunteer to do the naked good luck rain dance (don’t ask) someone once promised to do for me. On second thought, we don’t want to scare away the fluffy, giggly bunnies and the rainbow farting unicorns so all my bits should remain covered.

  2. Kristin, I don’t think exposed lady bits would scare away the likes of Reproducina and Fertili-Bunny. Didn’t you know that that unicorn horn doubles as a magic vagiwand? ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Ditto the thought that if anyone else had posted this much sparkly bling I would have technicolored yawned all over the screen, BUT since it is you, the fearless twosome, I can handle the glitter:)
    I’ll be holding the best posible thoughts for the both of you and those petri dishes to grow somthin purty!

  4. baby dust usually makes me choke, but I DO love me some rainbow farting unicorns!
    wishing you all the best with ER and ET. tuesday is proving to be quite an auspicious day for everyone!

  5. Oh man, I think I just had a minor seizure from those graphics. Appalling. And hilarious. You crack me up, Moxie.
    I’m so excited that all is looking good going into the transfer. I’ll be keeping all of my parts crossed for some great news from you and Chance.

  6. Holy crap that’s a lot of sparkle. I’m fairly certain we all may result in temporary blindness from its brilliance. Good luck!! I’m keeping all my parts crossed for you two.!!

  7. I don’t know how you did it- but the rainbow farting unicorn is priceless!!!
    Good luck, baby dust, rainbows & puppies & unicorns pouring from the heavens for you! I’ll keep the crossables crossed for a great retrieval & fert & transfer & 2ww & hopefully 9 months! ;o)

  8. Ah, Cricket, you have done well with the Blingee.
    (The blinkees were a bit of a stretch. But I was laughing pretty hard by then, so I’m chalking them up to a slight concussion.)
    Shelli makes a nice point about Care Bears. I always think a tap dancing Obama in the corner adds that certain extra amount of teh Hope.
    Goooooo Chance! Woot! Thinking of y’all like CRAYZEE.

  9. SO SO SO effing excited!!!!! That is a KICK ASS follicle count. woo!
    so pull my finger.
    no. seriously. pull it.
    another rainbow fart just for you guys.

  10. I had throw in the baby dust factor to throw the puke factor right over the limit. I think I’m gagging a little bit even now knowing how much glitter is up there.
    I’m saving the dancing Obamas for after the fert report. I’ll have to look for some Care Bears as per Shelli’s suggestion. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Thanks for hookin’ me up with Blingee!

  11. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA….well, seeing as how you’re actually hugely preggo, I’ll take that rainbow baby dust poot! I’m seriously cracking up here.

  12. I had to put my shades on for all that blingee going down on that post – but my oh my! What a haul you’re going to get oh rainbow farting one!
    Can’t wait for the fert report!!!!
    Yippee ki yay!!!

  13. I am in love with your rainbow farting unicorn. It’s almost enough to make me sign up for a ttc board and save the picture as my sig.
    But seriously, all sorts of positivisciously sparkly good luck vibes heading your way. I’ll be thinking of you guys.

  14. How super dooper awesome!!! I am sending you XOXOXOXO huggies and smootchies and lots of super sticky baby dust!!!! Lovies!!!

  15. before even reading…i said out loud “is that unicorn farting a rainbooooow?”
    so happy have that confirmed! i think i peed a little reading this post.
    ohhhh yeah care bears. perfect. there’s one with a rainbow AND one with a four leaf clover. ๐Ÿ™‚
    positive positive positive positive positive positive
    glitter glitter glitter glitter glitter glitter glitter
    positive positive positive positive positive positive
    sparkle sparkle sparkle sparkle sparkle sparkle sparkle
    all of it headed your way!

  16. I was going to say something highly inappropriate about how with that much glitter all the fertilized embryos are going to be girls, but then thought better of it. Rainbow-farts and unicorn vag-wands led my mind in a place where it shant ever wander…
    But yay! Like, totally awesome!

  17. May Skittle scented unicorn farts envelope you all week long!
    You should both bring a bag of skittles with you to retrieval and transfer and breath deep. If for no other reason than to have a good giggle.

  18. My Darling First Born,
    I already told you, it’s in the bag!!!!!!!! I know it is… in all of your 30 years, have my strong feelings been amiss? Think about it.
    LOL, if I have, remind me in private so I didn’t embarass myself here. (((Hugs))) to you ALL.

  19. I have never, I mean NEVER, read something so incredibly offensive on a blog. If there was someone to report you to, like the Coalition for Offensive Posts, I would be sending this post right over. Baby dust? That is the worst dirty word of them ALL.
    Fine. If you want perky, happy, and rainbow farts, I will muster up whatever I can. I have everything crossed for a good retrieval, a good transfer and a successful cycle. I want it so much, I will even send you baby dust. Just promise you will never tell anyone I agreed to the happy shit. I like my less than sunny disposition. ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. OMG. Good thing I wasn’t drinking my coffee when I opened this– I don’t think I am ready to have this laptop die the death of spewed beverege just yet.
    This is TEH.FUNNY.SHIT!
    Looking forward to danching Obamas and fluffy Care Bears in the near future. Thinking of you like caaaarrrrrrrrayze, and counting down to tomorrow morning.

    damn, ladies…it’s here. SO exciting yet terrifying! the suspense is killing me.
    (eggs to be suctioned on wednesday up here. hopefully. if not cancelled.)

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