………Octuplets grandma: unmarried mom conceived all 14 babies in vitro, obsessed with having kids. What say you?

What? You didn't think this was about ME, did you? ๐Ÿ™‚

8dp3dt. Soon.

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  1. Pardon my language but that is seriously fucked up. I Seriously question that mother’s sense of priorities if she already had 6 kids…at least one with special needs…and she had all those other embryos transferred.

  2. That doctor needs his license revoked. I am so sick of The Media making people think these high-order multiple pregnancies like fa-la-la fairytale crap.
    Just burns me to no end.
    So, what? no testing yet???

  3. As long as stuff like this doesn’t affect law allowing people to take part in responsible ART, she and her doctors can make whatever decisions she and her doctors want to make. It will, of course, lead to a whole new set of insensitive questions for people to ask those who are underging IVF, but this woman’s reproductive rights and family planning goals are just as important as my own. I may personally feel that it was irresponsible, but that opinion is based on what I am reading in newspapers, not what I know first-hand of this woman, her motivations or her specific situation.
    I hope the sweet smell of skittles has wafted gently over you this last week! We’re all waiting right along with you and sending out the best darn sparkly-rainbow colored-magical-glitter encrusted-unicorn farty-positive vibes for you and Chance!

  4. Awwww now, that’s not right to tease like that!
    I just posted a rant on my blog about how the news has the words “transfered” and “implanted” confused. Because the embryos have to implant themselves damnit!
    But yea, it burns me up. Eight embryos, that’s just irresponsible. Those babies had to be so tiny, and the risk to both the mother and the babies must have been incredible.
    Sending you positive thoughts!

  5. I pretty much feel the same way as everyone else. Although, Kate made an excellent point!
    I hope you’re enjoying your quiet time and doing well.

  6. Aside from the transfer/implant confusion, which also bugs me, you gotta love how this article throws in a little extra jab about surrogates being obsessed with being pregnant.
    How many times could the embryos have divided? Even if there are 4 sets of identical twins, transferring 4 embryos is a lot, given that this woman already has 6 kids through IVF.
    There is something VERY fishy going on. When the RE is named, s/he will have some explaining to do.
    Personally I think that the multiples-crazed Discovery Channel has given her the idea that she can cash in if only she has enough babies at once. Sadly, I suspect that her scheme will work.

  7. Holy crap. You got me all excited.
    I think this lady is a nut job. I can’t believe they transferred 8 embryos (which is what we’re all guessing happened, unless they did four, and they all split). Both the doctor, the woman, and her parents are all bat shit crazy.
    I don’t like how it perpetuates a “craziness” persona for people going through IVF. When I tell people about my IVF, they ask “are you going to have quads?” It’s a major misconception because of stupid shit like this.

  8. Oooh I could slap ya for that one. I was excitedly scrolling down, expecting you know what, and slam, it wasn’t.
    I think that if the Duggars can have a billion kids, why shouldn’t someone who needs ART have a billion kids if they want as well?
    I wonder if the mother thought about the risks of having HOMs? Or was her RE relying on SR to avoid them?
    The whole thing is crazy, and grandma isn’t helping things.

  9. Do not make me come over there and tickle you til you pee on something. I have tests and I am not afraid to use them!

  10. Damn you and your teasing!!
    But I cannot believe that that woman did IVF. Surely no doctor in their right mind would transfer that many??? I figure it must have been an IUI with fertility meds.

  11. Damn, was really hoping it was you and not some nasty little “fairytale”….
    When you testing???? We need to know!!!

  12. k77- the Duggars support themselves financially. They do not seek fertility treatment. They have a belief system that I find odd, but not harmful and especially not a drain on society like this crazy woman. This lady already filed bankruptcy and she already had 6 kids. Like someone stated on my blog (with FAR more knowledge than myself), it was likely stolen fertility drugs, RE from Mexico, etc. Likely not IVF. She wants $2 million for appearing on Oprah et al.
    And, Moxie, thanks for *finally* posting the real news we all came here for ๐Ÿ™‚

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