A Word from Reproducina the Unicorn…


"I farted."


I started getting ghost lines on the evening of 5dp3dt on the super-sensitive medical-grade tests that I have. I got the first faint First Response (FRER) on the evening of 6dp3dt. The first positive digital came Saturday afternoon at 8dp3dt.

Our beta is tomorrow. Send us lots of good thoughts so that Reproducina the Rainbow-Farting Unicorn can deliver more magic glitter for a fabulous beta!

59 thoughts on “A Word from Reproducina the Unicorn…”

  1. omg!
    do unicorn farts stink? or are they more like pretty glittery fruity kinda farts?
    keeping all crossables crossed for tomorrow.

  2. ye-haw!!!! fantabulous sight. NOw next month you can rub your prego belly for me while the unicorn farts.

  3. WOOO-TO-THE-MOTHA-FUCKIN-HOOO!!!!!! That’s so exciting!!! Fart away, Reproducina! All things that can be crossed will be crossed for you guys!!! HUGS!!!

  4. I am so so massively behind in all blogs but as soon as I got computer time I RAN to your site to see if there was news & HOLY SHIT THERE IS!!!! so so so so so excited.
    sending love to ALL of you.

  5. YAY!!!!! OMG!!!!! I am sending happy, good beta thoughts to that unicorn. If he (or is it a she???) doesn’t deliver good news tomorrow, then I will stalk it to its death!!

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