This afternoon at the end of a rather hellacious day in the not-so-dangerous minds that are my 8th graders, I sat down to check my email and was left a blubbering, snot-dripping fool by a message I had received from a newbie surrogate named Angie. I immediately wrote her back and among other things, asked if I could copy and past her email here. This is not to brag (not entirely, anyway), but  rather to speak to the power that our blogs can have.

Though it's not a novel thought, lately I've been completely in awe of how strong the ties that bond can be from blogger to blogger (I consdier lurkers bloggers, too). Chance and Apollo are here and I am carrying what could ultimately be their child* — knowing that this amazing relationship which has grown to be an expansion of my family began with a simple post on niobe's blog… well, it's just breathtakingly overwhelming.

Through our screens, we become intertwined and immersed in others' lives, finding ourselves relating to these familiar strangers more than we relate to some of the people we've known our whole lives. Connections are made. Lifelines are thrown. Hands are held. Journeys are begun. And if we're lucky, we can feel ourselves becoming better people because of it.

Thank you, Angie, for giving a greater purpose to my writing. Get that blog up and running, girl. There's only so much you can get out on SMO, and I want to be all in your bizzness about your upcoming cycle! You are an inspiration, and I can tell that you will be a wonderful surrogate.

Hi Moxie,

My name is Angie and I am a new member of the SMO board.
I wanted to share this with you, instead of posting it on the board,
because I didn't know how you would feel about me singling you out. I
have been reading your blog lately, and just wanted to share my
feelings. I tried to keep the "creepy stalker vibe" to a minimum, haha.
I really enjoy reading your writing and wanted to express my gratitude
for it. Sooooo, this was intended orginially for the SMO board. I just
copied it word for word and pasted it here. I'm not good with words,
but I think I got my message across. Without further ado:

carefully considering my options as to where the best place to post
this thread should be, I decided to post it here under the "Uplifting
Stories and Poems". Not because I have something
uplifting to share, but because I am new and found what I think to be
one of the most uplifting and heartwarming journies I have ever had the
pleasure of reading right here on SMO. I wanted to share it with
everyone, and extend my appreciation and admiration for this person and
her wonderful story.

making the decision to become a surrogate, SMO has been my lifeline and
comfort (and even sometimes an indulgence). I came across Moxie's blog
one evening while doing my ritual browsing of the SMO site.  I began
reading her "Home" page and was immediately sucked in by the offbeat
humor. Since that night, I've sorta lurked around her blog from time to
time, and finally (because I am computer stupid) figured out that there
was an archives section and began reading Moxie's blog from the very
beginning. Last night, I read from February 2008-April 2008. I just
finished May this morning.

were many times when I hit the reply button to an entry she posted
nearly a year ago, but chickened out for whatever reason. I have
laughed, cried, laughed until I cried, cringed and felt every other
emotion under the sun one hormonal, soon to be "bellymommy" (knock on
wood) could have in one day. Anyone who has read an entry knows the
articulation she possesses. The knack she has for converting feelings
and situations into masterfully worded perfection. Reading her blog is
like finding a book series that cannot be put down once picked up, and
I cannot wait for the next volume to hit the proverbial shelves.

For those of you who have not had the chance, go on over and check out
Moxie's blog. I am sure you will find it nothing less than fantastic.

I want to thank you for sharing your adventures via your blog . I am
hooked. I sorta feel like you are a IF/surrogate/parenting mascot. You
speak often of how the media negatively portrays surrogacy. I believe
that if one of those New York Times hot shots sat down with you, your
family, and your surrobaby for an hour and read your blog, they may
have an entirely different perspective to share.
Surrogacy is a huge decision. It can be scary and make one feel like
you're alone sometimes. Your words shed heavenly light and for me,
solidified this as something that I was meant to do. I belong here,
doing this, at this time and for these reasons. It's a good feeling to
have, especially for those of us who have really never had a clear path
in life ๐Ÿ™‚ You are truly an
inspiring individual, and I hope (I know, not a word that you use
loosely) I have even half of your "surrospark" on my journey.

Keep writing, Moxie! You have one more #1 fan ๐Ÿ™‚


*You have no idea how much my finger-trembling and stomach-lurching it took to type that statement. We have a 30% chance of it turning out that way. Instead of feeling jinxed by claiming the favorable odds, I'm going to try to own it and throw all my weight behind it. I want the ladybug onesie story for us.

12 thoughts on “Surrospark”

  1. Aww how sweet of Angie to write that to you! It came at just the most perfect time, too! Good for you for writing THAT sentence. I agree with you, you should throw your weight behind it and OWN it! I’ll be one of the MANY doing the exact same thing for you AND with you.

  2. First of all, Angie is wrong about one thing. She is extremely eloquent.
    Second of all, Angie is right about what a fabulous lady you are. Reading your blog has made me wish I could be a surrogate. Sadly, I can’t go down that road because I am such a high risk pregnancy to begin with.

  3. Ditto. Well said Angie. What an angel, to take the time to write and let someone know how they move you!
    Moxie, I’m so glad you got this today. I’m behind that hope 100%.


    well Im hooked I havent read anything yet, but now I am eager to start at the very begining, That was very nice of Angie to send you such a wonderful e-mail. So Moxie I cant wait to start reading

  5. What a wonderful email. I love my ‘blogger’ friends! (I also think that what you are doing is a wonderful thing… still hoping everything goes well for you)
    Take care

  6. Awww…. Angie is absolutely right about you. You are an inspiration. (and, given my cynical nature, you *know* how hard it was for me to type those words and actually mean them).

  7. Angie said it, but we all agree with it. I’m a new subsriber to your blog, which I found through ICLW, and I have to tell you that yours is the first one I check for updates every day — not just because I am on pins and needles waiting to find out how this cycle turns itself around, but also because you ARE inspiring, funny, and smart. You should know that you reach people from all walks of life, even those who have never walked the path that you walk. I am grateful for your blog and hope you keep writing for years to come.

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