So. A long, long, loooong time ago when Chance and Apollo were here at my house and we were freaking out about the slow rate at which her follicles were growing, Frank had on a shirt that says, "I am McLovin." It sounds completely irrelevant, right? Well, that shirt spurred a conversation about the highly inappropriate but oh-so-sophomorically funny Superbad, the movie from which came the quote on Frank's shirt. Oh, how Chance loves that movie, so before she and Apollo left, Chance rubbed her hands all over Frank's manly chest in effort to channel the power of McLovin. "Let me have a good ultrasound with better follicle growth tomorrow," she quipped as she continued to rub McLovin on Frank's shirt.

The next morning she had a lot more follicles and the ones that were already there showed significant growth. Ohhh, McLovin, how I love thee.

Frank wore his McLovin shirt to the transfer. It seemed to be good luck, after all, and we needed every bit of it possible. That night at Chance and Apollo's rental cottage, Chance and I took a picture of our feet (clad in the wacky good luck socks I bought for us) in Frank's lap.

365 043

Frank and I use our TV as our alarm clock. I usually fall asleep before Frank does. Before Frank turns the TV off for the night, he changes the channel to CNN Headline News. We're usually awoken by Robin and Company. This morning when the TV came on at 5:30 (when I should have been leaving the house at 5:30), it was not Robin that I heard. I heard some funky 70's music, and it was apparent that I was hearing the opening credits of some movie. I woke up all the way when I heard the music end and the crude, teenage humor begin. Well I'll be damned. It was Superbad

This morning when waiting to be called back for my blood draw, I told Chance that that had to have been a good sign.

It was.

My beta today was 330. To recap:

11dp3dt = 13
13dp3dt = 25.

Dr. Sleepy said he would have been happy with 100, which sounded a good bit low to me, but hey – he's the one getting paid the big dog bucks and I just teach 8th grade. Figuring out the doubling, I would have thought that 300 would have been a more appopriate number, but I trusted Dr. Sleepy's judgement and today was praying for at least 100. In my heart, I wanted the number to be between 250-300. So to hear that the number was 330…well, that was just icing on my Superbad cake.

We've been told to continue to be cautiously hopeful. They are mostly concerned about the risk of ectopic, but my guts tell me that the Skittle has snuggled in exactly the right place. I have an ultrasound with Dr. Sleepy at our main clinic in South Carolina on Sunday morning at 10 to make sure of that. 

We have more time. We have today. We have this chance.

I am happy.

Next post  –  tune in tomorrow to read about amazing birthday gifts that Chance and Apollo gave to me, and also about the general awesomeness that are Chance and Apollo.

Speaking of cake…I know how much you all love food porn, so here's a pic of the birthday cake Frank made for Chance. It's a hot water chocolate cake with chocolate ganache and buttercream frosting. I previously posted the recipe here.

365 044 

I wish I could send you all pieces of cake. When it comes to supporters, I have the best. I gotz mad love for you guys.

59 thoughts on “Superbad”

  1. Oh lord. My heart just plummeted when I read the title, thinking that the beta had not gone well. Why do you DO things like that to me?
    I’m so, SO very glad that your beta was indeed superbad in the most awesome of senses.

  2. Miss Io, just WHERE the heck have you been? I was thinking of you last night and made a mental note to email and nag the crap out of you. I’ve been missing you, girl!

  3. You’re so funny, Amber. It’ll be a while after the u/s before I can update because we have to make the 3 hour drive back home before I can get my fingers on a computer. I’m sure I’ll post something between now and Sunday, but the big update won’t come until Sunday evening. I heart you, Amber!

  4. Aren’t you sneaky with the Superbad title!!! I actually scrolled down before reading just to make sure you weren’t fooling around. I’m on to you! LOL
    Congrats on the doubling+ numbers, I have high hopes for this to work out! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. I am over the moon! YEA! I raced home to see if you had posted the results yet, I agree with Amber, I need to do some planning so let me know when the next appt is.

  6. YES! You got me with the title – so much so that happy tears sprang to my eyes as I skimmed down to 330. Whew. And then a big inhale as I hold my breath til Sunday!
    (superbad. teehee!)

  7. Sugar, you really need an iphone so you can mobile blog with all this travelling.
    So happy…I’m smiling with you all here.
    Ok, off to scour the internet to find Charles a tshirt…I need some McLovin around here.

  8. YAY! WOOHOO! That’s amazingly awesome on so many levels!
    Moxie darlin’, I love your blog. I love your wit and sense of humor, and that you’re a teacher, and probably a great one. And I love that you’ve supported me through my ups and downs and I enjoy doing the same for you.
    And…. MMmmm….. ganache! That IS total food porn!

  9. Forget holding my breath or waiting, it’s gonna take three damn days for me to make and eat one of those there cakes. Off go I. I plan to hear about a good report with a chocolate covered mug.
    Rub your feet on Frank’s shirt for me. Wait, that sounded really bad, didn’t it.

  10. Holy crap, Reproducina deserves a piece of that delicious-looking cake. Frank is such a sweetheart to (a) make the cake and (b) decorate it so perfectly.
    Did you mix and match your socks, or did they come mismatched? Either way, it’s adorable!

  11. Holy Hoooorrrrraaayyyy!!!! I’ve been checking on you all day. Can’t wait to hear that you saw the little darling on Sunday.
    To Frank – You’re hot and you bake cakes that look like that? Do you want a second wife by any chance. I know Moxie is the end all be all, but I’d be oh so subservient and quiet.

  12. My eyes runeth over. I am so damn happy I can’t swallow past the lump in my throat. Not even to squish a sliver of that yummy cake down.
    Oh you guys, let this be it, please!!!

  13. Does this mean I can uncross my legs now? My husband is getting a little impatient ;o) I’m SO SO SO SO glad you got a high beta! WOOOHOOO!!!!! Go Superbad!!! That cake looks delicious *drool*

  14. First of all- Yay for Skittle!!! I am so glad to see this number!!!!
    Secondly- I freaking love that movie! I’m so glad it is your good luck omen & charm!
    the cake looks divine… I am on a huge sweets kick lately & even though it’s not even 7 am, I want some!

  15. CAKE!!!!!
    sorry- got distracted by the food porn…
    KICK ASS FANTASTIC news on the upward beta. Will continue my chanting and swaying and praying.

  16. I’m so glad you got such an awesome number! I think there’s something to be said for your McLovin-Theory.
    That cake looks delish!

  17. Yippee!
    Sweet on the beta and continued good wishes for even better superbad betas to come . . .
    Please enjoy a piece of cake for me, or two. :0) Oh heck, just go enjoy a cake for me!

  18. phew and hooray! my fingers remained crossed (for little skittle and for that you will decide to send us all a piece of that cake).

  19. Happy dance!
    I am loving Frank’s tshirt and your socks. You guys are awesome.
    Also belated happy birthday. Your site sometimes doesn’t let me leave comments – I tried the other day!

  20. Oh I’m so glad I decided to check here instead of just waiting to hear via other blog! Excellent news, yummy cake. Awesome awesome.
    I’ll be holding on to hope!

  21. I am SO gettin’ me a pair of lucky socks for my transfer. Frank should start a home-based cake business and charge for his Buddha-like shrine services. And don’t forget to post an update for us tomorrow!!

  22. Go Moxie Go Chance Go Apollo Go Frank and Go Skittle Go!
    Congratulations! I have a good feeling about all of this.

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