Three things…

Spinning off of the Sock-it-to-Me Exchange, Baby Smiling in the Backseat has an interesting and thought-provoking post up for today's installment of her Thoughtful Thursday series. If you haven't been reading along on her blog regularly (like me, because aye eeemmm stooopeeed for reasons which I will explain below), you have been missing out on some brilliant writing.  When I do make it over to her blog, without fail I am given reason to laugh (see her uterus cookie Show and Tell post) or pause to think, and those are the type of posts I enjoy the most. Please make a point to stop over and respond to her post today, because
I'm looking forward to reading others' responses.

As for my stupidity, it's actually better described as pure laziness. I'm missing out on lots of good blog reading, especially from bloggers who I've read before simply because sometimes it seems too much like work to open up Google Reader and copy/paste new addresses to add blogs to my list. See what I mean? LAAAAZZZZYYYY. I'm much more inclined to add a blog to my reader if there's a handy little ADD ME TO YOUR READER or FOLLOW THIS BLOG link somewhere in the sidebar. So starting today, I'm taking off my lazy pants and putting on my hot damn, I'm efficient AND sexy pants and I'm updating my Google Reader and my blogroll.

If you're not on my blogroll and want to be and/or you want to be added to my reader and/or you think I should be reading you regularly and I'm not, please help me out by commenting here, being sure to include the link to your blog.


Need Menopur or Bravelle? My sweetie-pie surro-friend Kimmy is donating some meds to me, but she also has 6 vials of Menopur and 7 vials of Bravelle that she'd like to donate to someone who needs it. Kimmy is another post-infertility surrogate like myself. You wanna talk about a superhero? She and her sister did a shared IVF cycle in which she was the ED. Her sister delivered twins and Kimmy delivered triplets. Kimmy went on to become a gestational surrogate and has delivered two sweet boys (a couple of years apart) for the same family. Simply amazing. She's still passing on the love by way of donated meds, so if you're in need of either Menopur or Bravelle, please comment or send me an email.


Semi-side note here: did anyone else other than me notice that last night's season premiere of America's Next Top Model was peppered with pregnancy/infertility/loss comments here and there? Twice someone asked if they planned on "having children" or "procreating," one contestant was hit with an unexpected prick of grief when asked if she had any children and had to explain that yes, she had a daughter but she had a seizure and died when she was a baby, and another contestant emphatically expressed that NO! she's not having children because the world is going straight to Hell.

My mindless television half-failed me last night, because my mind was regretfully half-refocused on the things from which I had tried to be momentarily distracted.

I probably am the only nut who noticed those things.

20 thoughts on “Three things…”

  1. It’s yours, Former IM! I’ll put you in contact with Kimmy! I’m so glad
    that we’re able to help! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. i don’t know if I am on your google reader yet, but please add me if I am not!! i love your comments ๐Ÿ™‚
    i started watching that show last night, but then that weird girl with the pen collection came to talk to the judges and i couldn’t handle her! haha, so i switched channels!

  3. I love following your journey! You do not need to add me to your reader, but when I decided to go the IVF route again, I will be hounding you for support daily!

  4. Hey, I’ve hit reply to your last two emails — are you getting email from me, or does my “PeNiLE IMplant! IncReasE UR SIZE!” re: line get them sent to spam hell? I’ve already got my socks so I AM participating, DAMMIT!
    Oh, and add me to your blogroll, you. I need a total blog makeover. Suggestions welcome.

  5. My email must not like your email. Your messages aren’t even going into my spam filter. I don’t know what the deal is. When I get home, I’ll email you from the yahoo address that I never used in months because it gets flooded with spam. Or better yet — do you have skype?

  6. You comment on my blog regularly *YAY* but I’m don’t think I’m on your blog roll. I watched a show last night and I was so relieved when a mother didn’t die of cancer and THEN…someone’s mom died of cancer. I was so pissed! It was Homeland security or something like that. I told my husband we won’t be watching that show again. YAY for Kimmy donating meds. I just love all the sharing that’s going on!

  7. I missed the first hour or so of ANTM. I came in when they were in togas or something about to get thier headbands of acceptance.
    I love Allison she looks like an anime chick. HUGE eyes.

  8. Oh I totally noticed the infertility / loss aspects of ANTM. It kind of surprised me. Especially the woman working through her grief of losing a child, and then they just kind of drop that.

  9. There is a cool thing with Reader that I just found on the weekend. You can add a button to your favourites list and when you are on a blog you like, you just go there and hit subscribe. I don’t know how to tell you how to get it though. . .
    Start with clicking on ‘Home’ and try looking on the right hand side.

  10. hi kymberli- i just read your comment on gitw and want to thank you for reading our blog. it means so much to us to know that there are so many others out there reading and following our story (as crazy as that is, i feel like that’s what we’ve become in some ways). i look forward to reading more of your blog!
    nice to meet you…
    Lani (lu from elmcitydad)

  11. Biznatch, you better have me in your blogreader. Gah. I’m horribly lazy about remembering to add people too.

  12. I thought I saw you working on your google reader today. I have to admit I was off task too. If you are so inclined, please add me to your blog list thingy. I still have not worked on my google reader. I am trying to get some work for college done first, and have a hard time focusing on much else except my travel plans in two (TWO, YAY!!!) weeks.

  13. you’re not the only one who noticed. it was the only time i’ve ever seen ANTM (we were at a friend’s place, we don’t have cable) and the way they dropped her story, even if it was off-topic, broke my heart all over again.

  14. I’d totally love for you to add me to your blogroll. I put you on mine the second I discovered your blog. It’s the only one I read from a GSโ€™s point of view and I find you totally fascinating. And, I’m super looking forward to the Sock-It-to-Me Exchange!

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