The inbox monster ate my homework

I think my email inbox has a monster that is a distant relative of the sock monster. You know the one that hides in your dryer and eats 2 out of the 5 socks that you put in there, so it seems like random socks just go missing? Poor Tash tried to email me over several days and there is no record of her contact. They didn't get filtered through to my junk mail and I didn't accidentally delete them. They're just not there. I also had a situation where a kind person who is donating meds didn't receive an reply which I sent to her last Friday. Thankfully, she followed up today and sent along her Skype name, so we were able to make arrangements through a short chat this morning.

So to be safe, I have to assume that some of you may have emailed me about participating in Sock-it-to-Me and I haven't received the information. Therefore, I'm extending the sign-up period to this Sunday, March 8. I will still send out the matches through the weekend, but I want to give everyone the chance to sign up. If you've already posted about the exchange on your blog, can you please post about the extension to help the word get out? Thanksabunchamillion.

Good things for you to know:

1. I have sent a return email to everyone that I actually received an email from. If you sent something and I haven't written you back, it's likely that your email was chomped by the inbox monster, too.

2. Alternate methods of contact:
        a. you can email again at kyrajaATyahooDOTcom

        b. hit me up on Skype — my username is kymberli78. If you add me, please send a message    letting me know who you are so that I don't think you're a psychofreakstalker and deny               the request.

3. Here's the list of participants thus far:

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The ghetto-sexy Io of Who Shot My Stork called me a biznatch in the comments and said she was participating, but I still need her info. So hit me up, ho!

If your blog or name isn't there and you should be there, please contact me via one of the aforementioned avenues or you can always try to email me again by clicking on the link up there under my picture.

Everyone, be on the lookout for your sock assignments through the weekend! If you haven't heard from me by Monday morning at the latest, please leave a comment for me somewhere on my blog!

In other random news….

The lady that Chance and Apollo are renting from has grown increasingly psycho in the past month. So…as of yesterday they are "homeless," as they like to joke, and are now shackin' up with me and the Crazy Crew. Apollo DEMANDED that he be given the sheets with the poo smeared on them, but much to his dismay, Frank had already laundered said sheets. Boohoo. Or maybe Boopoo. Their dog is running around trying to hump my dog, so we have our own little canine freakshow going on. Hopefully Chance and Apollo will be able to find a new place to rent soon, but in the meantime, it's nice having them closer. But so help me Cheeto and for the love of Spam, if my dog AGAIN manages to get knocked up before I do, I will lose my flippin' mind. Someday I need to tell you that story.

Even better proof that I'm raising them right….

This morning Jordan woke up wailing about a stomach ache. His 101.3o fever confirmed a day home from school with Gatorade and chicken soup (if they don't have Gatorade and chicken soup when they're home sick, they insist that they will be sick forever). He crawled into my bed and made little weak whimpering noises through SpongeBob.

Kaelyn said to Jordan, "Are you sick? I will take care of you, Jo-Jo. You're my big brother. You need some medicine? You want some grapes?"

"No," he replied, "but could you lay down with me and watch cartoons?"

And so she did.

And he stopped whimpering.

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20 thoughts on “The inbox monster ate my homework”

  1. That has got to be one of the most adorable pictures ever! Your kids are so precious.
    That sucks about Chance and Apollo–hopefully they find another rental soon.

  2. Awww how sweet are your kids?! I hope Chance and Apollo fond another place, soon. Although, I bet ya’ll are having fun hanging out more often.
    Your email is through your school, correct? I’ve emailed my daughter’s teacher before and my email was never received. It didn’t go into spam, it was just not there. Maybe there’s something wrong with their server or something? Ask some co-workers and see if the same is happening to them. Have a GREAT weekend!

  3. I’ve emailed AND texted several times over the past couple of weeks and have heard nothing from you. Must be that stupid email monster again. Thinking of you as always though. Love you.

  4. I didn’t get that, either! OMG – my email hath failed me. Thanks so much for backing me up on that, Kristin! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Jen, I still haven’t received anything from you in either account. I’m glad that you’re playing along! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. 1. Absolutely adorable.
    2. Sucks for Chance and Apollo.
    3. Did you get my email with my address/contact info?

  7. Woman! Warn people before you change your blog style! I hit refresh twice then realized what had happened.
    I like the new look BTW!

  8. Hey! I’m here from Reality’s blog (….she and I are “old friends” as it were….since we’ve been bloggy buddies for a few years now. Anyway, I would love to sign up for your sock exchange, but I am a baaaaaad blogger. LOL After all the miscarriages and other crap, I just had nothing left to say, so I stopped blogging over a year ago now…and now I just can’t go back to my “old blog”, so am biding my time, waiting until I have something to say, and will start a new blog! So, considering we are meant to be doing A N O T H E R FET this spring…..I could probably use some new socks! ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Soooo, if it’s not too late to sign up, I’d love to…. I’d email you, but it sounds like you’re having some email problems…. Please feel free to email me at my gmail account below….thanks!

  9. Your email ate me too! I just sent to the alternative email. And I will attempt to Skype you.
    And then I will come curl up to watch cartoons with your kids.
    That is very awesome that Chance and Apollo are getting to stay with you. I call dibs on being your next boarder when they move out.

  10. Your kids are the cutest kids ever in the history of the world. I just died of the cuteness. Died I tell you.
    Love the new header.

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