Don't worry, you've come to the right place

I still have to do a couple of tweaks and handle the business of updating the links in the menu bar above (to include the blogroll), but how do you like the new design?

My surro-friend Kimmy (also a surrogate after infertility) is the creative genius behind the new header. She has a knack for taking my rambling descriptions and whipping them into something a hundred times better than I could have ever envisioned. Need a custom-made t-shirt (or other product)? Visit her Cafepress store. It's new so the designs displayed currently are minimal, but if you have a specific idea in mind, let her know and she'll work up some Photoshop magic like she did for me.  

Why am I awake at 2:30 am?

My mind. It has left the building.

Off to sleep I go.

26 thoughts on “Don't worry, you've come to the right place”

  1. You get back here and entertain this chronic insomniac! Hey, stop walking away from me. Don’t you dare put that nightgown on, Moxie. *Taps on computer screen* You get back here, Little Missy! No don’t turn off the lights! I’m scared of the dark!

  2. What the freak are YOU doing up at 2:30 in the morning? I should start a post called Chronic Insomniac Theater where all of us no-sleepers can just keep each other entertained with brainless nonsense.

  3. I’d be all for that! Make it happen!
    I never get to bed before 4am being on here beats starring at the ceiling audibly telling myself to just go the fuck to sleep already!

  4. Looks great! And it isn’t even 2:30 here yet so I have a long way to go before the madness sets in…

  5. The new design is so badass!
    But, just a warning… I know someone else who used a logo online that was based off of a certain Super Dude’s logo, and he ended up getting a cease and desist letter from DC and had to change it. Apparently DC is an acronym not for Detective Comics but for Desist and Cease.

  6. I love the new digs! Very cool!
    My pups are actually- Roxy (little one) aka princess or the bitch = jack russell terror
    Chase (the bigger one- he actually has almost 30 pounds on Roxy but she owns him) aka chubbers or little man = beagle mutt mix we rescued. no idea what he is- but he’s actually a decent medium sized dog with these big almost hound ears & sad eyes.
    They are cuties though & I love them to pieces! Rat terriors are adorable, but a little too small & dainty for the hub. Roxy is his dog- but she’s really tough & scrappy. And fat now!

  7. Oh I like it A LOT! Way to go Kimmy! The conversation between you and Heather is like being in a chat room or something, too funny! Good thing I hadn’t taken a sip of my coffee yet. I’ve learned that when reading your blog, it’s bets to wait until AFTER I’ve commented to take a sip. That way there will be no “coffee vs. keyboard” mishaps.

  8. Thanks for the warning! I’ll hang tight for now, but if the DC folks come a-knockin’ I’ll surely take it down. ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. BTW, I emailed you at both email addresses…figured it would be a good way to test if messages are going through while also getting you the info I needed you to have.

  10. Looks fantastic. And I’m laughing at you and Heathers comments earlier. As a night owl myself I get that being up all night.

  11. *Yawn* I’m up, I’m up. I’m going to have to bite the bullet and find someone to make me a header. No clue what it should be though. I thought for sure She-ra would make an appearance on your blog somewhere lol.

  12. I added a live chat room to my blog but no one ever comes to my blog. It would be better on yours since you’re popular!

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