Sunday's To Do List

  1. Wash the orange marker scribbles from Kaelyn's face despite the fact that she said her make-up is sooooo pretty.
  2. Go to Savannah with Chance and Apollo to have last beta drawn.
  3. Get coffee on the way there because Daylight Savings Time has us all draggin' ass.
  4. Come home and eat the delicious barbecue food fares (namely, Tequila-Lime spare ribs) that Frank will prepare in our absence.
  5. It will be over 80o today, so perhaps we'll spread a bunch of blankets outside and have a picnic.
  6. Email the last few entrants of the sock exchange. 
  7. Search online for socks to send to my sock buddy.
  8. Write lesson plans for the week. Debate on whether or not the objective "After being connected to remote control shock collars, the students will be able to exhibit proper behavior 100% of the class period and will also be able to demonstrate understanding of appositive, adjective, and adverb clauses with at least 75% accuracy" will be grounds to have me fired.
  9. Wash the girls' hair.
  10. Get Frank to cut the boys' hair.
  11. Eat more barbecued chicken.
  12. Watch Big Love and Flight of the Conchords.
  13. Either fall asleep at a reasonable time or stay awake to start the first edition of the Chronic Insomniac Theater here at Smart One.

What's on your Sunday To Do List?

33 thoughts on “Sunday's To Do List”

  1. Shower, go visit GM, grocery shop, dream of eating chicken with ya’ll, watch Big Love and Amazing Race, conk out.
    YOU have a very busy Sunday!!
    & WOW I love, love, love your new kick ass look! SO perfect.
    p.s. I feel I can now confess that I didn’t feel like I could do the sock exchange because I have amazon feet and didn’t want anyone to be faced with such a challenge.

  2. I think that you should make them automatic shock collars, rather than remote control. Who has time to figure out which button to push to make sure the right shock collar goes off. Of course, who cares if you shock the wrong one, right? He/she was probably thinking about doing something wrong πŸ™‚
    My Sunday to do list has two things on it.
    1. Laundry
    2. Play with kids

  3. Wow! You’re busy today! Daylight savings sucks for sleep time, but I’m excited it will be light out an hour later! Woohoo!

  4. Thanks for the reminder about DST — I was reading this while luxuriously eating my yummy breakfast casserole and then realized I was already 30 minutes late for church. πŸ™‚
    My to-do list?
    1. Laundry
    2. Cook something yummy.
    3. Eat something yummy.
    4. Grade papers
    5. Read blogs
    At least I can check one item off the list!

  5. The extra hour of daylight tends to throw me off even more until summer rolls around. I SHOULD be tired and ready to go to bed, but I can’t because it stays bright for so long. In the summer it doesn’t matter much down here, because then I’m off work and can take advantage of the sunlight which hangs around until after 9pm sometimes.

  6. That’s a good list, Trish! I have laundry that I should be doing, but one thing that I’m going to do today that I left off my list was to procrastinate. Guess what task I’m going to enact THAT on?

  7. Ewwww….good luck. I actually like my MIL, but if I had to say one annoying thing about her is that she sometimes calls out of the blue for weird things. Like once she called me at 9pm to ask if I’d ever seen a white chihuahua before. ????

  8. Recovering from the bout of insomnia that reared it’s ugly head yesterday. Man, I feel like garbage today.
    I’d wanted to be productive, but it just isn’t going to happen.

  9. Sunday’s To Do List:
    1) Get rid of headache due to a few to many margaritas last night *check*
    2) Take a nap due to reason stated above
    3) Laundry
    4) Watch the SERIES finale of the L Word *uncontrollable sobs*
    As for the shock collar, I think it’s a wonderful idea. I bet you can even get the parents in on it. As a mother of a 6th grader, I’d be MORE then willing to volunteer for a fundraiser for THAT!

  10. My list had a bunch of things on it like doing taxes and laundry, but so far all I have done is nothing. Well, that’s not true. I ate brunch.
    Um, you left “mail Io some of those damn delicious ribs” off of our list.

  11. As much as I would LOVE to do the Insomniac Theater with you I vote for you to get some sleep after the day you have planned. If you still happen to be up late shoot me an email and I will join ya!

  12. I’ll *maybe* be up. Frank brought a few “special” beverages home (as we call them), so they’ll either perk me up or knock me out.

  13. You and A just need to come down for a visit someday so Frank can cook a ton of ood for us. Those ribs were plain sinful.

  14. You are such a nut! The funny thing is that Frank and I have matching shirts that say “Bom-chicka-wow-wow” on them. And yes, we are so cheesy as to wear them out in public at the same time.

  15. Sunday’s done on this side of the world. My Monday includes:
    1) Making lunch
    2) Studying for Japanese class tomorrow
    3) Trip to the post office (I’m so lame I STILL haven’t mailed out my New Year’s cards which were a substitute for my long overdue and late Christmas cards…)
    4) Go for walk

  16. HAHAHAH, you are impossible. And yes, I do need to get my butt out of bed. DST is kickin’ my ass and the kids’ asses, too. We’re all draggin’. Summer break cannot come fast enough. πŸ™‚

  17. GeekByMarriage

    AHH the good old teacher mantra “X months until summer! X months until summer! X months until summer!”

  18. GeekByMarriage

    BWAHAHAHAHA! Try not to smack any kids around on your way through the parking lot.

  19. Can I still run them down with my van? One point for each kid, two extra points for kids who’ve been suspended before, and a 5 point bonus for kids who are old enough to be seniors in high school.

  20. GeekByMarriage

    I will give you 20 points for each athlete! If you can catch ’em you deserve it! -10 for kids in a wheelchair or on crutches.

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