So, tonight I'm watching The Biggest Loser (and feeling like a big loser while eating a piece of vanilla buttercream cake) and had zoned off into my blank mindspace during a commercial break. Hearing the words infertility and had a miscarriage caused me to snap my eyes back to the television. In that same split second I thought, "Mention of infertility during a commercial? Huh?"

It was a commercial adaptation of this clip, which is part of Mutual of Omaha's latest campaign called "Aha Moments." In the online, extended version of this commercial, the speaker — Heidi — explains how she and her husband tried for years to conceive. In fact, the caption of her video is this quote: I wanted, more than anything, to be a mom. At 41.

Of course, the short story in the commercial has a happy ending conclusion. Good for her, I thought. I hope she's hugging her daughter Deryn right now and squeezes her a little tighter when she sees this commercial.

The word infertility likely didn't snap the typical viewer's attention like it did mine. But the word was said in prime time television and in a "normal" setting, not during a specialized program geared towards a targeted audience. To me, seeing this commercial felt like a small victory for the infertile community.

I didn't feel like quite as much of a loser as I did before.

14 thoughts on “Aha…”

  1. I was watching Biggest Loser also and noticed the same commerical tonight. It definitely caught my attention too.

  2. I was not watching Biggest Loser, since I almost never watch it and also I don’t think it was on TV here in Spain (not that I was watching TV anyway), so thanks for the link.
    I love her grey hair.

  3. Didn’t catch that commercial as I don’t watch the show. I am damn happy that people are speaking out more.

  4. I was watching The Biggest Loser AND saw that commercial, TOO! Both those “key words” caught my attention. I threw a little victory party in my head.

  5. LOVE it! I’d like to see someone more….”childbearing age” though, to prove that IF isn’t a disease of the old (hello, I was 21 when we started treatment!) but this is DEFINITELY a good thing.

  6. Stopped watching The Biggest Loser after the first season, wherein for each episode, I chowed down on a Quarter Pounder w/ Cheese and Large Fries, whilst proclaiming (with mouth full of food), “This show is sooo inspirational!”

  7. Veeeery good point, Jess. We have the tip of our big toe in the door, now if only we could just knock the whole damned wall down, right?

  8. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Is it bad that I usually eat fattening foods while watching TBL, too? I mean, watching the show always makes me THINK about exercising, and it’s the thought that counts, right? ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. I’ve noticed lately that a large number of the ficitional books I’ve been reading have infertility as a subplot somewhere in the book. Often not the main character but one of the side characters is dealing with IF. Sometimes it’s well researched and accurate other times it’s pretty off in how it’s described but so far the references have all been positive.

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