I'm either a really good parent or a bad influence, maybe both

Email correspondence today with Jordan's kindergarten teacher:


Good morning, Mrs. Kindergarten!

For some reason, we couldn't find Jordan's picture form. I ordered and
paid for his class picture online. Can you get an extra order form and fill it
out for me, please? The online payment code verification code is 844V5 and needs to be written in the
boxes on the bottom right-hand corner of the form. We also would like for him to
take the individual pictures, as well – can you fill out that order form, too?
He says he likes pose 4 the best. 🙂

I thank you so much!



No problem! I have some extra forms on my desk and I'll make sure that Jordan has them for the


Thanks so very much! I appreciate it!


WOOOWEEE!!!  Wait till you see
Jordan’s picture.  From what I saw
on the screen, he was looking good!


LOL! I can’t
wait! His munchkin face just cracks me up!


I showed him what you
said……he laughed.  He came to give me his papers for his folder and he said his
sister always messes with his stuff in his folder.  So I asked him how old she
was and he told me about 3.  He told me she says bad words we are not supposed
to say.  I said, ooohhhh, does she?  Does your mom get her?  He said yeah, she
always does and sends her to her room.  I laughed.  He is such a great kid!!!!
He is nice, polite, smart, and is such a good student. I just love him.  If I
had a class full of him, I would be in heaven.


I almost peed on myself from laughing so hard. My students all thought I was nuts.

8 thoughts on “I'm either a really good parent or a bad influence, maybe both”

  1. Oh, you are DEFINITELY both.
    As for being a bad influence, I am definitely blaming you for all my future bad behavior. Pasties indeed!

  2. AHAHAHAHAHAH! That’s too funny! I’m on the border of responsible parent and a bad influence. Just depends on my level of PMS at the time.. HA!

  3. heh. Got a giggle out of me too.
    I have to officially sign Ella up for kindergarten tomorrow morning at 9:30am. Should I cry now? Or afterwards?

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