Thank you, Mutual of Omaha

I like seeing how people managed to land here in la casa loca de la Smart One. As I was just now taking my daily peek through StatCounter, I was mildly surprised to find this:


A little further down, I saw several entries which looked something like this, each one coming from a different location around the United States:


I clicked through to the link and found this:
Aha on the web

That small victory that I said I felt the other night when I wrote this? I feel that again, except a little more. It's easy to deduce that someone at Mutual of Omaha has been assigned the task of trolling through the Internet to gather blog posts and articles that make mention of their current Aha Moments campaign. Infertility is not their priority, but they are clearly not afraid to treat infertility as an "untouchable" or an "unspeakable" as so many other businesses do.

I like the fact that whoever it was at Mutual that clicked through to this blog actually took a minute to read what I had to say and give it the title "Opening the Infertility Conversation." It's small steps like this that do exactly that — open conversation about this oft-shadowed issue of infertility and bring it through to the minds of people who might otherwise have never stopped to consider infertility and how it impacts those who deal with it.

This post isn't about me. It's about how thus far, eleven other people have found my blog through the Aha Moments page. Maybe those other eleven are also dealing with infertility. Maybe they're not. Either way, word about infertility is getting around, and in a positive way. In their own small way, this campaign is helping make it known that regular, ordinary people deal with infertility and loss every day and that we have voices that need to be heard. We are not scandals to be gawked at or pawns to be used in heated backdoor political debates. Like anyone else, we are regular people just trying to find our way through some tough obstacles, and especially in light of recent infertility-related spotlight events, it feels good to be treated as such.

And for that, I have to thank Mutual of Omaha.


I was neither paid or compensated in any manner for the above post, nor did I write this post with the intent to be compensated.

But the Powers That Be at Mutual of Omaha, if you want to compensate me in some way for this gushy appreciation post, far be it from me to refuse. I'll even work for you part-time. Have you seen how I can work the Internet? Do you need someone else to troll for Aha! posts? The job qualifications can't be that difficult: MUST BE ABLE TO USE SEARCH ENGINES EFFECTIVELY. MUST SPEND ALL DAY ON THE COMPUTER. Check and double-check. Watch how I rock a wicked hyperlink.

Do you need a part-time writer? Have you seen my mastery of humor? How I can jerk a tear? How I can do both at the same time?

My email link is up there on the right. Click it. It's ^UP THERE.^ Or use this one: kyrajaATyahooDOTcom.

Dude, seriously.

I'm your gal.

15 thoughts on “Thank you, Mutual of Omaha”

  1. HAHAHA! I LOVE your disclaimer! You SHOULD get paid for your brilliance…I could be biased, but whatever. I’d pay ya if I could ;o) That is SO cool that they found your blog! How MUCH do you rock, my dear?! (read: A LOT!!!!)

  2. I’m so sorry. I’m guessing that the glitch that keeps you from posting is the same one that attached that funky user name to your comment. Email me letting me know who you are so that I can put in a Typepad help ticket, please. I’ve had people here and there tell me they’ve had issues and I’d like to get it resolved if I can. Tash and my homegirl Wishy have problems all the time.

  3. I’m with Tash – all I can think of when I hear Mutual of Omaha is Marlin Perkins and his wild animals. Way to rock the new PR for them 😉

  4. That’s awesome. Glad you’re getting the message out there. Maybe they’ll keep expanding on the idea when the realize how many infertiles are out there 😉

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