I'm a Limerick Chick 2009 – Vote for me!

Lori's annual Limerick Chick contest opened and will close in the space of about a day. I had such fun with it last year, and I'm glad that I'll be able to get my limericks in under the wire. Last year I was a finalist and ultimately came in second place with this poem:

There was a Black surro named Moxie
who played a good joke at delivery.
The nurse with affright
exclaimed, "This baby is White!"
Moxie pointed, "He's for them and not me."

My second entry (which didn't place in the finals) was written about Niobe:

There is a deft writer named Niobe
who uses allegory and euphony and hyperbole.
The photography – classic,
the writing – fantastic,
though some might need use of a dictionary.

I ended up losing to her limerick – damn her and her hilarious invitation for people to blow her if they mispronounce her name.

Below are my entries for this year. Keep an eye on Lori's blog to vote when the polls open!


Entry 1:
Here is a limerick for all of us
together we laugh, cry, and fuss.
With a double-fisted zinger
we give infertility the finger,
you sonofabitch, you make us all cuss.

Entry 2:
As UTERUS' first beneficiary,
she was blessed with a healthy, safe pregnancy.
Lover of plaid and blue Grover,
rocks at header makeovers,
Calliope has Snork in her occupancy. 

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  1. I’ll be there to vote as soon as they put the vote thingie up. Yeah I’ve had a few drinks.

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