Flight IVF#2 is now boarding…

Moxie's period started:                 Feb. 24
Moxie started BCPs:                     Mar. 2
Moxie start Lupron:                     Apr. 6
Moxie's last BCP:                          Apr. 10
Chance's approx. AF:                  March 30
Chance start BCPs:                   April 2
Chance's baseline u/s                April 23
Chance's last BCP:                     April 21
Moxie's approximate AF:                 Apr. 14
Moxie's baseline u/s:                      April 16
Moxie start Vivelle:                        April 17
Chance start microdose Lupron    April 24
Chance approx. AF:                     April 25
Chance start Gonal-F:                   April 26
Moxie's lining check:                     May 1
Moxie start PIO:                            May 11
Chance's approx. retrieval:           May 11
Our approx. transfer:            May 14 or May 16

Thank you for traveling Surrogacy Journey airlines. Please make sure that your syringes are uncapped and in their proper skin-pierced positions. Be sure that you are seatbelts (or straightjackets) are fastened.  Hold tight – be prepared to soar high. Well, it's either soar high, or be prepared to tuck you head between your knees and kiss your ass goodbye in the event of a crash landing.


PS: Have you voted for me in the Limerick Chick contest yet? It's neck and neck, but I'm losing. Help a sista out and go vote. ๐Ÿ™‚

18 thoughts on “Flight IVF#2 is now boarding…”

  1. Oy. That’s a whole lot of schedule you have there. Kinds makes one’s head spin. I hope everything goes better this time ’round. *crossing fingers*

  2. 2 months to the big day. Time needs to go faster.
    I voted. If you are so kind as to get my header a new design (as we discussed last week) I will even vote again ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Wow, that’s quite a schedule (puts mine into perspective)! I hope it’s smooth sailing for everyone!
    Just voted, congrats on making it to the finals.

  4. So what do we need to feed to Reproducina to get that unicorn to fart her sparkly rainbow farts?
    Hoping and praying it all goes smoothly and we have 9 months to celebrate!

  5. so excited to see the schedule!!!!
    and VERY thrilled that you are taking us along with you as internet carry ons.
    (& now off to vote…)

  6. *BURP*
    Sorry I ate the damn unicorn after she failed you. Tastes like chicken.
    We’ll get you a new mascot!

  7. I voted for you! I voted for you last time too. I am so excited that you guys have a schedule. Two months seems like forever, but I will be praying for you EVERY day.

  8. That’s an exciting (and complicated!) schedule. I hope that everything goes like clockwork and that this Surrogacy Airlines flight makes it safely to its destination.

  9. I had no idea how complicated all of the medical stuff was for a surrogacy! Wow!
    I hope your flight lands safely in Babyville.

  10. You were my 600th visitor! Your prize is:
    Being able to bask in my bloggy goodness.
    Yeah, I’d want a gift receipt too if I were you.

  11. OMG Moxie…you’re going to be getting knocked up right as I’m getting unknocked…WOW!!!

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