19 thoughts on “The answer to this question would be an emphatic "NO!" so don't say I didn't warn you”

  1. LOL! I have nothing to say! But I am curious to know why google brought the searcher to your blog! LOL – something to think about Moxie!!

  2. Oh geez…I’m up in labor and delivery today at work and I didn’t mention your blog specifically (wanted to keep your privacy)…but I told the OB residents and midwives I had a question for them. I told them I had this “friend” who had been asked this question that you mentioned. They said most definitely not….but not that many people may not have tried, LOL! Thanks for the laugh…they all were cracking up as well!

  3. Hilarious. I signed up for the analytics thing specifically so I could see if gems like that brought people to my blog.
    Nothing even remotely that funny yet.
    I hope they found the answer they were looking for!

  4. This is definitely the funniest post I have read today! Thanks for making me giggle!!!
    PS Love the modified header–and wish my ab’s looked like that!!!

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