Well that was fun

Trish, who is both my coworker and high school classmate, pretty much summed it up in a comment on my last post: I never knew you had it in you. Contrary to the crazy inyourfaceitness displayed here, I'm very quiet at work and was most certainly quiet in high school. There were no instances of wild drinking  or raucous parties from me. Ever. Even on the rare occasion that Frank and I have alcoholic beverages in the house, I might drink three wine coolers or a similar fruity drink MAX before I feel soft around the edges and I end up falling asleep before finishing the next drink.

I must say that it was some kind of a thrill to have continued to drink through The Sleepies and straight into The I've Lost All Common Sense and Everything is Funnies.

We all woke up at various intervals between 7:30 and 8:00 this morning. Dani seemed to have forgotten about falling asleep for a few minutes in the middle of the kitchen floor and Chance and Apollo nearly laughed themselves to tears AGAIN about me falling out of the chair. Apollo had a bit of a headache. I didn't feel what could be classified as a hangover, but I definitely felt The Dizzies and Numbies. Still, I managed to cook breakfast (I KNOW, right!?! I cooked and not Frank) without torching the eyebrows off my face.

Last night was most certainly worth the brain cells that I'll never get back. Apparently I lost more than a few, because this morning when I read my HELLO, WORLD — I'M DRUNK OUT OF MY MIND post I was amazed. I mean, I distinctly remember proofreading that post before I published it. What you read is the EDITED version. Can you imagine what a clusterfuck it must have been before I "fixed" it?

Six double shot glasses — two for a buck at the Dollar Tree.
8 bottles of brightly colored alcohol — $70
Getting shitfaced with your family and making and ass of yourself in front of the whole world while in the midst of a drunken stupor — priceless.

Share a priceless drunken stupor moment of your own. I've all given you the gift of letting you laugh at my inebriated expense. Now it's your turn!

20 thoughts on “Well that was fun”

  1. i flipped over in a lawn chair at a friends house one time. It was in front of about 10 people, only one of which i knew. i sure felt like a drunk ass 🙂

  2. Oh geesh….
    Usually when I drink I just talk waaaaay too much and get pissed at people who don’t matter anyway.
    In fact, I just asked Travis “What’s the funniest thing I’ve ever done drunk?” and he said “Well, you don’t do anything funny when you’re drunk, you just talk too much.”
    Uh huh.
    I’d say that mostly I just piss and moan about, uh, a certain someone (checking my blog will get you his name and the story if you’re curious. It’s on there a lot, search ‘regret’ and I’m sure you’ll find it). Or people who are more fertile than me. But the best part of drunk is just that…you’re drunk. And who gives a crap? THAT is priceless.

  3. I got into a marching contest with a fellow ROTC cadet as a freshman in college. We were both shit-faced and it was pretty damned hysterical.

  4. Coming back from the bar, I walk into the house (barley) and proceed to take off my skirt. BUT instead of taking it off by stepping out of it, I decide to take it off over my head. Made TOTAL sense to me at the time, mind you. I’m trying to get up our stairs, with my skirt over my head, and we had a baby gate at the bottom of the stars. My husband was quick enough to move the gate before my leg got ALL the way over it. I think I hit it a few times before he moved it. I finally got my skirt off, half way up the stairs and made it to my bed. Good times!

  5. I got so shitfaced at a pre-wedding party I ended up dancing with some old drunk that had one of those voice box machines. He kept stealing my cigarettes. Never go to a biker bar before a wedding!

  6. back before i had the triplet sag, for some reason getting drunk=getting naked. anywhere. that pretty much sums it up, but i will include an example or two:
    i once got drunk at a bar right on the beach. jersey shore…and that water is COLD. after last call, we went out on the beach. i took off all my clothes except for a thong and jumped in. at night. drunk off my ass. it was freezing, AND I CAN’T SWIM. i shutter at that thought.
    i got drunk at a co-worker’s bbq at his house. they were all people that were pretty crazy themselves, and it was definitely not a work thing. he had a heated pool. at one point, people started getting in with various combinations of the clothes they were willing o get wet. i had a dress on, and started pulling it over my head when his mother in law came running out of the house saying, “WE DON’T DO THAT HERE!” i mean, i had panties on…i wasn’t getting naked…but still.
    once, the morning after getting wasted in the city, we went into a cemetery and took naked pictures. i posted one on charmedlife once.
    there are countless others, but i won’t bore you!! that was fun though……….maybe after that tummy tuck i can add to the stories…………

  7. I was at a bar once in college with a friend, and she lost sight of me. She got worried after a while, and asked someone “have you seen my friend?” The guy said “oh, do you mean that drunk girl?”
    My finest moment. That drunk girl. I was at a college bar, full of drinking students, and I was “that drunk girl.”

  8. haha! you are funny. I am a lame drunk and always fall asleep too! The best drunk moment I can remember was in my first year of marriage with Keith. We both got a bottle of wine each and drank them while watching meet the parents and meet the fakers! it was the greatest movie watching experience ever! haha so funny.

  9. I’ve blogged while drunk a few times…it’s funny because it’s just like I am in real life. I get all lovey dovey….I love you ….lots of hugs…etc, LOL! I’m a loving drunk…hehe! Speaking of which…I’m glad you had a good time. I can’t believe that I just laid it all on the line, but I just put it out there on my blog. I basically explained that we were doing a surrogacy cycle with my friend M. I can’t believe we’re going through with this, and by writing my last post I put it down in words. Crazy…I can’t believe we’re actually doing this. I’m so excited!

  10. Do you remember my post I wrote about throwing up on my husband’s roommate’s alarm clock? My freshman year I puked on his alarm clock, it started smoking and caught fire. Needless to say we bought him a new alarm clock..and they’re still friends. He was the best man at our wedding…thank heavens!

  11. I think in my college days it was on big shit faced drunk moment. I am pretty sure that is all we did. I don’t do that so much anymore and I am suprised I survived it.
    Every once in a while you definitely deserve to do that. I am glad you had a good time!

  12. Unfortunately I have a lot of drunk stories and at this moment can’t really think of a show stopper. Getting drunk a chamber of commerce work party and flirting with older men while my dad was there was not one of my better moments.
    I won 3 raffle prizes that night though.

  13. Forgot to say that my post today is why we’re using my friend M as our surrogate. I’m just therapeutically venting and talking through our past so I can move forward. It’s coming…just slowly but surely. Blogging is so much cheaper than therapy.

  14. Luckily I tend to have memory blank the morning after the night before.
    Unluckily, my husband delights in telling me exactly what I said to who (even when I have my head under the pillow begging him not to tell me any more). Still luckily it tends to be along the lines of telling near strangers that I love them.

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