Sock It to Me 2009 Awards

Baby M's birthday_SITMW 038

If you stopped by earlier and couldn't get the codes to the buttons to work, try them again. Some idiot I put in the wrong information, but I fixed it. 🙂

Yup. Dems ma feets. See those socks? They weren't sent to me by my sock buddy. I'm saving writing about those socks for tomorrow. No, these socks pictured here were sent to me by the lovely Heather of Geek by Marriage, and they are just the start of what was in the big box o'gifts that she sent to me this week. I am humbled by her unflagging (and hilarious!) support and that of all of you who come here.

Sock It to Me Week 2009 officially kicks off tomorrow. Each of my posts this week will fall in line with a SITM Week post; I will write specifically about how dynamic this community is, how I've come to depend on the support that you all offer, and ways in which specific bloggers have rallied to help Chance, Apollo, and me.

Remember: if you didn't sign up for SITM in time to get in on the sock exchange, you can still participate by putting up a post on your blog sometime this week about how you find warmth and comfort in the blogging community. Once you've posted, come back to my blog and leave the permalink to your post in a comment. I'll keep a running list of all the SITM Week posts so that you can read what others have to say. Maybe you'll discover some new blogs and make some new connections. Leave some comments for others; like Mel says – "comments are the new hug," so leave some warm and fuzzies for others as you travel through the posts.

Everyone who participates gets an award to post on their blog (if you so desire)! If you only did the post, here is your badge:

target="_top"> <img  alt="SockItToMeParticipant"

I participated button

If you participated in both the sock exchange and the posts, here is your Elite badge:

Elite Participant

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The Sock It to Me Week post is already up. I'm looking forward to reading everyone's posts!

14 thoughts on “Sock It to Me 2009 Awards”

  1. Ya know, I thought about using a black market to change the WTG on the socks to WTF. I soooo should have, dang it.

  2. *marker*
    A black market wouldn’t help at all. Unless you need a kidney.
    *Bangs head on desk*

  3. Nah I couldn’t get it to show so I put the image in my Photobucket album. I put a pic gadget on my blog and linked it to here.

  4. Prayerfully, WTG will be more appropriate than WTF for the next cycle. LOL…you never fail at at making me laugh, Heather!

  5. I’ll take a look at the Elite code and will get it fixed. Thanks for letting me know that it wasn’t working!

  6. Awww that girl Heather is just TOO kind. What else was in that box she sent you? I think I know, but I might be wrong. If I am right, I’ll have you know that I, Danielle, kept a secret! That is HUGE for me…just so ya’ll know, You better appreciate it, DAMMIT! lol

  7. Ok, now I’m wondering what was in that box, having read Danielle’s comment…
    Moxie, you are the awesomeist for inventing this sock exchange. I seriously don’t know what I would have done without this community over the past 17 months.

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