How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news (Romans 10:15)*

Sock it to me 004 Moxie,
thanks for arranging this exchange…so fun!
I gave you three pair of socks for extra thanks; you deserve it!

Ballerina socks for grace, spa socks for relaxation, and kokopelli socks for luck in your infertility endeavors!

Enjoy! And thank you again from all of us!


PS: You completely do kick infertility's ass…good luck in your coming cycle and all you do! God bless!

*Scripture imprinted on the bottom of the card Jess sent to me.

By nothing more than pure coincidence, Day One of Sock It to Me Week is also Day One of injectibles. It seems fitting and appropriate to have these two events occur in tandem. I've never had a shot feel like a hug, but it did. Socks from the beautiful Jess warmed my feet and the donated Lupron (you know who you are!) warmed my heart.

All of you out there warm my spirit. When I started writing this blog a bit more than a year ago, there was no way I could know how far your support would reach. You will carry Chance and me through this cycle. I will need you and the good news of your support that you bring.

For all of my verbosity, any words of gratitude that I could ever create would only feel clumsy and inadequate in comparison to the swell my heart feels when I think of all of you, my friends inside the computer.  Try as I might, I'll never get it right…

…but know that for everything I can say, my heart feels infinitely more.

Thank you all.

22 thoughts on “How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news (Romans 10:15)*”

  1. Damn those are awesome! I wanna be a ballerina! Will pester Jess til she gives me her source!
    I totally LOVE that SITM coincides with the beginning of this cycle!
    Look at that’s going right into your…..

  2. LMFAO @ Heather! Your socks are awesome! Jess did a great job of picking them out. A lot of gals got more then one pair, I feel like an a$$ because I didn’t EVEN think about sending more then one…sorry sock buddy! YAy for the first day of SITM and your cycle! Definitely a GOOD sign!

  3. Don’t feel bad I did the same thing. One pair. I feel like a total cheapskate right now! Sock buddy, I’m sorry! I am saving for a house but come next SITM you will be showered in socky goodness!

  4. Don’t feel bad; I only sent one pair, too. Well, I sent socks to two different bloggers, lol!
    Are you fainting? ARE YOU FAINTING? There’s no fainting. THERE’S NO FAINTING IN SURROGACY! HAHAHAHAHA!!!

  5. Are you two like Ren & Stimpy now? Cow & Chicken? Tom & Jerry? Beavis & Butthead?
    Where one of you is, the other is not too far behind! LOL! 🙂

  6. We are actually Siamese twins! Gotta take one with the other. I’m the Angel she’s the Devil!
    Oddly enough I don’t mind needles used on myself but when I see others get stuck I get squeamish! I have to kick a filthy habit before I can even think of moving forward. I’m even going to a hypno-toad! Futurama, anyone? No? Damn!

  7. The needle in the leg makes me feel sort of ill, too, and I’ve given myself like 150 shots over the course of all the IF stuff…but I always shot myself in the belly! Not enough fat on my leg (or an abundance on my belly??) for my liking! YOW!
    The source of the ballerina socks for those concerned:
    I briefly thought of being all “I’ll never tell! Mwu ha ha ha!” but then I thought, hey, share the sock love! Evil villian laughs have no place in sock week!
    They have all sort of them…converse ones, COWBOY BOOT ONES, mary janes…oh my gosh, I’m not joking when I tell you that that website will be going on my Christmas list this year. 🙂

  8. Hey now! I’m not a devil…oh wait..yeah I am. It’s cool though, I’ve NEVER had a complaint ;o) Thanks for the link Jess!

  9. Love the socks and I agree with everything Jess said! Good luck to you and Chance! We are pulling for you two (or four)!!!

  10. Those socks are just like Brooklyn’s Trumpette socks! We have all differnt kinds. Love them. Didn’t know they had them for adults though….and now I need them!!!

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